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Size Filter Frame Material Filter TypePriceUsually Ships inStocked
2'x4'AluminumULPA $7381-3 Days Stocked
2'x2'AluminumULPA $5991-3 Days Stocked
2'x3'AluminumULPA $6971-3 Days Stocked


  • 99.9995% efficient at filtering particles down to 0.1 micrometers
  • Features a lightweight and economical aluminum frame
  • Roomside-Replaceable (RSR) design allows filter replacement without dismantling FFU from ceiling
  • Compatible with all industry-standard FFU brands in 2' x 2', 2' x 3' and 2' x 4' sizes
  • Certified and tested to UL 900 for fire safety
  • Designed to capture microscopic pathogens and particles.
  • Remove an extremely wide variety of contaminants from the air, including particles smaller than a micron.
  • Large quantities in-stock and packaged for immediate shipment.
  • Because filters are delicate and subject to damage during handling, all filter sales are final; no failure claims can be accepted.


Unit of Measure: EA


Fan Filter Units With HEPA & ULPA Filters

  • Terra Universal WhisperFlow® Filter Fan Units Terra Universal WhisperFlow® Filter Fan Units
Terra Universal WhisperFlow® Filter Fan Units

Features and Benefits

UL 900 Certified for Fire Safety

HEPA and ULPA filters are UL certified for UL 900 to meet local and state fire safety requirements for most applications. The standard covers requirements and tests for allowable combustibility and amount of smoke generated.

Diffuser Panel Promotes Air Flow Uniformity and Protects Filter Integrity

Unlike other manufacturers, Terra’s FFUs include a unique perforated panel beneath the filter, acting as a shower head, to guarantee filter protection and laminar air flow uniformity which prevents localized air swirling, particle build-up and turbulence.

Protect Against Contaminants and Pathogens

HEPA and ULPA filters help capture many bacteria, viruses (COVID-19), and mold spores that contribute to a host of infections for both humans and plant/animal tissue cultures

Long Running FFU Motors

Terra’s filter fan unit motors are rated for 5 years of continuous, 24/7 operation, if the HEPA filters are consistently replaced. To accurately monitor your HEPA filter’s saturation levels, purchase Terra’s audible and visual filter replacement alarm system.
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