Final Filter Type: ULPA

• Blower: 1.17 HP with exclusive CFM Power Control

• Water lift: 47.5"WG

• Includes mini-tool kit and carrying case

• All filter sales are final; returns cannot be accepted.

• 10-pound, hand-held portable vacuum cleaner ideal for ISO 4-8 cleanrooms

• Four-stage ULPA filtration system, 99.999% efficient with 0.12 µm particles,

• Cloth bag collects and recovers fine dust powders like Gold and Aluminum

• Removes dust from the exhausted air

• Ideal for containing chemical powder spills

• Flexible attachments clean tight corners and delicate equipment

• Sturdy, stainless steel construction ensures clean and dependable performance

• Easy access to bags for replacement

• Removes fumes and contaminants from glove boxes or equipment enclosures

• Supplies clean, ULPA-filtered air to glove box isolators

• Complete with a 3' (914 mm) flexible hose, two 20" (508 mm) extension wands, a "Pik-all" nozzle, Air Maximizer, crevice tool, soft bristle dusting brush, five Class 10,000 filters, five extra disposable bags, and one ULPA Exhaust Filter

• Made of cleanroom-compatible material, including all stainless steel housing


Manufactured by: Terra Universal

Application: Cleanroom Use

Type: Handheld

Final Filter Type: ULPA

Air Flow: 5.5

Unit of Measure: EA


Electrical Specifications: 120 V, 6 A, 720 W, 1 Ph, 60 Hz

Weight, Product: 25 Lbs

Dimensions, Product: 22.5"W x 7"D x 7"H

Weight, Shipping: 47 Lbs

Dimensions, Shipping: 12"W x 30"D x 18"H

Package Type: Box

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