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  Sales associates work with customers who contact Terra for design and pricing of products to solve their critical environment problems. Associates specify equipment from Terra’s extensive catalogue and work with Terra’s Engineering Team to design custom solutions.

Associates respond to customers' inquiries and do not conduct cold calling or telemarketing operations. Essentially all customer contact is via phone, email and fax. Associates know product features and benefits and actively sell clients. After issuing quotes, Associates follow-up to close sales, a process that often takes several months.

Although clients are not assigned to specific Associates, and may, therefore, order from any Associate, effectively building a client relationship tends to draw repeat client calls for an individual Associate.

Most new additions to Terra’s sales team begin at the Associate level and progress after several years, depending on mastery of Terra’s product technology and of sales skills. Occasionally, a person with excellent industry experience will be hired as a Senior Associate.
Requirements:   Associates should be able to perform simple calculations, such as computing the area of a rectangle, calculating prices from a list of cost items and the like. Associates need basic skills with Microsoft Windows, Word, Excel, Internet Explorer and Outlook (or other email programs). Terra will train new Associates to effectively use its proprietary enterprise management system for CRM, Quote Management, Order Entry and computerized fax and email.

Excellent English is required; a second language is a plus. Basic writing and math skills are required.

Employees may be drug screened randomly or after accidents or due to other reasonable cause.

Work Schedule:   All Associate positions are nonexempt and full-time, with start times scheduled between 7:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. The sales facility is at 800 S. Raymond, CA. Very little local or overnight travel.
Compensation:   Associates are paid a base and a monthly performance pay. The performance pay is based partially on total team sales for the month and partially on the individual Associate’s sales.
Benefits:   Annually, Terra provides one week of paid vacation, one week of sick leave (which may be added to vacation time), two floating holidays and 10 paid holidays. Staff members become eligible for these benefits after twelve months of employment. Medical insurance is not paid by Terra but may be selected and paid by the staff member on a pretax basis under a “cafeteria plan” to cut costs by approximately 30%. Terra does not pay relocation costs or agency fees of any kind.
To Apply   Please fax a résumé and cover letter to 1-714-526-4781. Employment is subject to pre-employment drug and background screening. Please do not call, as we are not staffed to handle these calls.
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