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Critical Care

Terra specializes in critical environments.
For over 25 years, we have designed and manufactured storage and handling products to meet strict environmental requirements of the semiconductor, pharmaceutical, medical device and aerospace industries.
Our animal laboratory products grow out of this commitment to meet our customers' requirements for innovative, high-value critical environments.
In addition to the standard product lines below, Terra performs custom modifications to unique specifications. Use our convenient QuickQuote e-mail form to submit your requirements for a quotation, or contact us to speak to an application engineer
Complete Product Pricing and Specifications —
Respiration and Test Chambers
  Multiplexed controls allow exposure testing to various oxigen conditions.
Barrier Isolation Chambers (Glove Boxes)
  Filtered air inlet for germ-free environment; constant temperature and humidity control; exhaust filtration to eliminate odors; safety seals for biohazard processing; access ports for convenient animal and equipment transfer or waste removal
Ductless Exhaust Systems: Hoods, Ventilators and Cleaners
  HEPA and charcoal filters remove pathogens and organic fumes for safe, ductless exhaust release; cage changing stations include air and water sprayer and sealed waste chutes
HEPA-Filtered Clean Benches
  Animal preparation stations feature easy-disinfect surfaces and controlled temperature and humidity

Unique Requirement?
Contact Terra to discuss your application.
Transfer Carts
  Particle, temperature and humidity control during animal transfer
Work Benches
  Special features include motorized height adjustment, downdraft surfaces with charcoal exhaust filtration, and vibration-free surfaces
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