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Resources for Forensic Laboratories

Critical Protection

Terra storage and handling products insure the integrity of forensic evidence while protecting the laboratory environment and personnel.

When you select Terra, you benefit from over 25 years of design and manufacturing experience in contamination-control applications—


Programmable control over particles, pathogens, humidity, temperature, chemical fumes, pressure and static charges

Documentation of all handling and environmental conditions

Centralized inventory management of thousands of samples

Security Lock-Outs prevent unauthorized access

Complete Product Pricing and Specifications —
Forensic Evidence
Drying Cabinets
  Dual filtration protects evidence and lab personnel
  Fume Hoods
Ductless and vented configurations
  Biological Safety Cabinets
Air foil with containment slots, ensures optimal operator protection
  Laminar Flow Hoods
HEPA/ULPA filters capture
submicron contaminates
Glove Boxes
Stainless steel and plastic designs
  Plastic Glove Boxes
  Stainless Steel Glove Boxes
  Negative Pressure Ventilation Chambers
  Automated humidity controls provide traceable storage history
Forensic Evidence
Transfer Carts

On-board power cells for
continuous HEPA filtration
  Lab Glove & Supply Dispensers
Space-saving convenience
Custom Work — A Standard Part of our Business!
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