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Product Overview

Terra Universal, Inc. manufactures and supplies a wide range of products for use in the semiconductor, electronics, medical, and pharmaceutical industries to name a few.

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Modular Cleanrooms Cleanrooms

Hardwall & softwall designs
  • Free-standing steel frames require no external support
  • Many panel materials, including dissipative PVC
  • Any size or configuration, including internal walls
  • Pharmaceutical designs feature easy-clean stainless or powder coated steel panels
  • HEPA/ULPA to Class 1, A/C, and complete lines of furnishings, including benches, shelving & storage

Laminar Flow & Exhaust Fume Hoods Hoods

Hundreds of standard models
  • HEPA/ULPA-filtered units meet any cleanliness requirement
  • Ductless exhaust models contain chemical vapors
  • Bonded charcoal purification filters ensure uniform filtration, contain charcoal dust
  • Dozens of benchtop and free-standing designs, in six materials
  • Vertical or horizontal flow
  • Ionizers, work surfaces & other accessories

Desiccators desiccators

Stainless steel, acrylic or dissipative PVC
  • Clean, low-RH storage extends shelf lives, reduces defects
  • Smart N2 purge controls boost efficiency & reliability, provide chamber-by-chamber datalogging
  • Full plenum chambers for uniform gas distribution
  • Revolutionary stainless steel door frames with one-piece gaskets ensure long service life
  • Available in static-dissipative PVC, which controls surface charges and the particles they attract

Glove Boxes & Vacuum Chambers Glove Boxes

Available with stainless steel radius corners and HEPA-filtration modules
glove boxes
  • Customized environmental control on a standard basis:
    • Humidity Control (%RH or dew point)
    • Temperature (-20° to +250°C)
    • Open or Closed-Loop HEPA/ULPA Filtration
    • Low/High Pressure
    • Ionization & Dissipative Plastics
  • Accessories include pass-through ovens, air locks, nitrogen generators and process gas mixers

Cleanroom Work Stations work stations

Specify knock-down models for economical shipping
work stations
  • UltraClean™ electropolished designs certified Class 1-compatible
  • Rod, perforated and solid tops feature ergonomic, aerodynamic bullnosed front edges
  • Adjustable or recessed bases
  • Vibration-isolation and ErgoHeight™ auto-adjusting models enhance productivity
  • Full lines of cleanroom laminate and acid-resistant tops
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Other Product Areas (Click images to view full information)
chairs carts gowning room products
Cleanroom Chairs Cleanroom Carts Gowning Room Products
storage systems wet processing packaging and handling
Cleanroom Storage Systems Wet Processing/Cleaning Stations Packaging & Handling
cleaning products static control tweesers and tools
Cleaning Products Static Control Tweezers & Tools
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Customer Benefits

Ease of Business—
Doing international business is easy. There are no complicated procedures or price differential. Terra Universal offers to the international community:

  • One competitive price honored worldwide
  • High quality products years in advance of the competition
  • Orders of all magnitude accepted (see various payment terms)
  • Dedicated sales and engineering staff ready to respond to your needs
  • Single-source convenience
  • Worldwide support

Published Prices listed on our current internet product pages are honored worldwide – no value-added costs or other hidden surcharges! 

Published prices allow you to make firm budgetary decisions and submit your order directly to the manufacturer, without waiting for price confirmation.

Industry-Standard Products When you buy from Terra, you buy from the leading manufacturing expert in critical environment applications. Our customer list includes top U.S. and international companies, which have accepted Terra's industry-standard solutions for over 35 years.

International Experience Terra's trained international team brings you decades of technical sales and service experience in all regions of the world.

Ordering Convenience Our printed and internet catalogs provide technical specifications and application guidelines, making it easy to specify the equipment you need.

Worldwide Representatives Terra's international sales representatives provide technical sales support in most areas of the world.

International Packaging Terra products are securely crated before shipping. In addition, cleanroom cleaning and packaging are available to meet your cleanliness requirements.

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Convenient Terms

Payment options are wire transfer, letter of credit, international money order, or credit card (VISA, MasterCard or American Express). Orders can be freighted by air or sea. All international quotations and sales are executed on an EX WORKS basis (Freight On Board Fullerton, CA, USA or shipping point).

Representative Inquiries Welcome!
To discuss how your organization can join Terra's worldwide sales network, contact:

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24-hour sales and tech phone support, M - F
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