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Compact Stainless Steel Cleanroom Vacuum

Compact Stainless Steel Cleanroom Vacuum
  • Standard and upgraded Safe-Pak models available
  • AISI 316 stainless steel construction, standard in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Safely collects, contains and disposes of potent compounds (Safe-Pak model)
  • Multi-stage filtration system removes particles down to and including 0.12 microns at 99.999% efficiency
  • Compact design for easy maneuverability
  • Cleanroom safe to ISO 4 (Class 10)
  • Trolley and container are autoclavable (autoclavable accessories available)
  • Ultra-quiet performance won't disturb cleanroom operations
This stainless steel Cleanroom Vacuum Cleaner is specifically designed for cleanroom environments down to ISO 4 (Class 10). Stainless steel design, autoclavable parts and accessories and a multi-stage filtration system are some of the many features of the vacuum. A standard ULPA exhaust filter ensures that 99.999 percent of collected materials are retained in the vacuum, down to and including 0.12 microns in size. The vacuum is ultra-compact in size, as well as lightweight and maneuverable, making it easy to use and store.
Compact Stainless Steel Cleanroom Vacuum
Standard Models Models with Safe-Pak
Nilfisk Part # Power Cat. # Price Nilfisk Part # Power Cat. # Price
17141008 110/120 Volt 1764-36 $ 2,033 17142208 110/120 Volt 1764-37 $ 2,033
Compact Stainless Steel Cleanroom Vacuum

Effective Bio-Hazard Containment
This vacuum cleaner with the optional Safe-Pak collection system is ideal for safe containment and disposal of hazardous materials, including potent compounds in the pharmaceutical industry. The Safe-Pak is essentially a sealed disposable HEPA-filtered container that can be interchanged with the standard vacuum collection container. Collected materials directly enter the Safe-Pak unit, where they are contained, thus avoiding contamination of the vacuum. The Safe-Pak unit is easy to change out and discard when full.

The modular construction of this vacuum makes it easy to clean and service. Locking clamps ensure air-tight seals. The trolley, container and wheels are autoclavable, and an autoclavable accessory kit is available.

Extra quiet, 61dB/A at 5 feet (1524 mm), this unit is perfect for use even during regular cleanroom operations. It meets the electrical safety standards outlined in the Williams Steiger Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 (OSHA) and is listed by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. This cleaner is interference-suppressed, and its single-phase motor is equipped with a thermal protection device to prevent overheating. This unit is designed for intermittent duty.

Standard model comes with autoclave-safe trolley and container and ULPA exhaust filter. Safe-Pak model also includes an upstream HEPA filter.

Standard, ESD controlled, or autoclavable accessory kits are available. Select the accessory kit that best fits your requirements. Accessory kits are not included with the vacuum.


Nilfisk Part # Cat. # Price
Standard Accessory Kit
Includes 10’ (3048 mm) plastic hose with cuffs, stainless steel curved tube,
2 stainless steel wands, floor nozzle, dust brush, and crevice cone.
1760480 1764-38 $ 201
ESD Accessory Kit
Includes 10’ (3048 mm) antistatic hose with cuffs, curved stainless steel tube,
2 stainless steel wands, floor nozzle, conductive dust brush, and conductive crevice nozzle.
1760475 1764-39 $ 288
Autoclave-Safe Accessory Kit
Includes 10’ (3048 mm) silicon hose, 2 stainless steel wands, autoclave-safe floor nozzle, straight stainless steel wand, crevice nozzle, and curved silicone crevice nozzle.
80556700 1764-41 $ 1,009
Disposable Paper Bags for Standard Model (5/pkg) 81620000 1764-42 Call TUI
Safe-Pak Replacement Collection Container 81303218 1764-43 $ 438

Data Units Standard Model Safe Pak Model
Motor Type, Grounded   GMPJ GMPJ
Voltage @ 60 Hz volts 110-120 110-120
Current Draw amps 9/5 9/5
Power watts 1100 1100
Waterlift, max.* inches H2O 78.7 79.5
Airflow, max. cfm (m³/hr)
76.2 (129.54)
72 (122.4)
Air Performance air watts 240 232
Tank Capacity gallons (liters)
3.25 (14.3)
3.25 (14.3)
Paper Bag Capacity gallons (liters)
2.25 (9.9)
Main Filter Area sq. in. (sq. m.)
325 (0.21 m2)
400 (0.3 m2)
Main Filter Efficiency   99.995% @ 0.33 microns 99.97% @ 0.3 microns
Exhaust Filter Area sq. in. (sq. m.)
400 (0.3 m2)
400 (0.3 m2)
Exhaust Filter Efficiency DOP-tested 99.999% @ 0.12 microns 99.999% @ 0.12 microns
Sound Pressure Level** dB(A) 61 61
Dimensions (L” x W” x H”) inches
11.8 x 11.8 x 24.8
(300 x 300 x 630)
11.8 x 11.8 x 27.6
(300 x 300 x 701)
Weight (vacuum only) lbs. (g)
17.2 (7802)
18.1 (8210)
*with pressure relief valve inactive
**at 1.5m ISO 3744

File Type File Name Publication Date
Brochure (PDF) IVT 1000 CR Vacuum System, Nilfisk
Parts list brochure for the possible accessories of all IVT 1000CR models.
Manual (PDF) Nilfisk IVT1000CR SAFE-PAK
A guide for removing and replacing the SAFE-PAK container.
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