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Portable Cleanroom Vacuum Cleaner

MicroVac™ Portable Cleanroom Vacuum Cleaner
Dual-side attachment flanges allow either
vacuum service or ULPA-filtered air blowing
  • Completely portable, hand-held design lets it clean where no other vacuum can!
  • Stainless steel housing and ULPA-filtered exhaust makes this unit compatible for most cleanroom uses, including USP 797 regulated areas
  • Ideal for removing chemical powders in bio cabinets and other enclosures.
  • Also operates as a clean air source for glove boxes and other controlled environments.
  • Four-stage filtering system removes particles (to 0.12µm) from exhaust system.
  • Made of cleanroom-compatible material, including stainless steel housing.
  Cat. # Price
110 VAC/60Hz 5100-00 $ 1,145
220 VAC/50-60Hz 5100-00-220 $ 1,290
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Portable Cleanrom Vacuum Cleaner
The MicroVac™ is a portable vacuum cleaner suitable for use in cleanroom environments. It incorporates a four-stage filter system to remove particles and dust from the air before returning the air to the workplace. The small size, light weight, and flexible attachments of this cleaner make it ideal for cleaning tight corners and delicate equipment that a larger cleaner just can't reach!

During the first and second vacuum stages, large particles are trapped in a disposable bag and a permanent cloth bag, and in stage three, air passes through a fine mesh stainless steel screen. In stage four, air is drawn through an ULPA Exhaust Filter so that air returns to the environment clean.

The sturdy, stainless steel construction ensures clean and dependable performance; an easily removable cover allows access to the bags for simple replacement. Comes complete with a 3' (914 mm) flexible hose, two 20" (508 mm) extension wands, crevice tool, five extra disposable bags, one ULPA Exhaust Filter, Mini-Tool Kit, and carrying case.

  FEATURES & BENEFITS | MicroVac Portable Cleanroom Vacuum Cleaner
Cleanroom MicroVac with ULPA filter and small attachment cleaning up a chemical powder spill
Vacuums chemical powder spills
Multi-function cleanroom vacuum cleaner with mini-tool attachments removes hazardous chemical powder spills in tight corners.
Portable cleanroom vacuum with positive air pressure attached to a softwall enclosure
Micro-Filter Air Blower
99.9995% effcient ULPA filter provides an ultra-clean air source for particle-free enclosures.
MicroVac attached to a hardwall plastic isolation or containment chamber
Clean Air Ventilator
Removes fumes and micro-contaminants from a glove box or other enclosures.
Dimensions: 22.5" long x 7" diameter
572 mm x 178 mm
Weight: 10 lbs. (4535 g)
Motor: 1.17 HP with exclusive CFM Power Control.
Filter: Ultra-Low Penetration Air ULPA (final filter)
Airflow:* 5.5 CFM (9.35 m³/hr)
Water Lift:* 47.5"W.G.
Noise 64 dB (No. 5100-00); 81 dB (No. 5100-00-220)
(Vibrometer: PowerTest 2015)
4.1 (No. 5100-00); 4.3 (No 5100-00-220)
* Under filter load

MicroVac™ Mini-Tool Kit
(included in model above)
Ideal for computer keyboards, PC boards, and other small parts. Includes nozzle adapter and hosing, oval brush, round brush, crevice tool, straight and curved extensions. Can be attached to either side of the MicroVac, allowing service as a vacuum or a clean-air blower.
Cat. # Price
5100-05 $ 35
  Replacement Filters for MicroVac™
  Cat. # Price
Stage 1 Disposable Paper Bag 5100-01 $ 89
Stage 4 Replacement ULPA Filter 5100-04 $ 173
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