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HEPA-Filtered Vacuum Cleaner

HEPA-Filtered Vacuum Cleaner
  • Absolute HEPA filter removes 99.999% of dust particles 0.3 microns and larger, exceeding federal standards
  • Lightweight, compact design allows unsurpassed portability
  • Convenient, comfortable operation
  • Muffled motor operates quietly, 65 dB 6'6" (2012 mm) from the unit, features thermal overload protection
  • Large capacity, 4-gallon (17.6 liter), dust bag and 2880 sq. in. (1.9 m2.) filter makes this vacuum suitable for big jobs
  • Full line of accessories available


  Nilfisk Part # Cat. # Price
HEPA_Filtered Vacuum Cleaner 9055314040 1001-00 $ 433

This HEPA-Filtered Vacuum Cleaner combines the power and capacity for heavy-duty operation with a lightweight, compact design that makes it as convenient as it is effective.

The unit's HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter removes 99.999% of all particles 0.3µm or larger, exceeding federal standards and accepted HEPA filtration levels. Its 2880 square-inch capacity and diffused exhaust make it practical for use under the most demanding conditions. The air flow directs incoming air through the filter before it reaches the motor to prevent the risk of contaminating the motor.

The 1.3 HP, thermally protected motor provides high suction to help you maintain critical cleanliness conditions. The four gallon (0.5 bushel) dust collection bag holds as much as larger and heavier cleaners, cutting down on inconvenient interruptions for bag replacement. And because this bag wraps around the motor, it effectively muffles motor noise.

Optional Harness Enhances Cleaning Convenience
This cleaner weighs only 17.5 pounds (7938 g). A convenient carrying handle plus two large wheels and one swivel caster on the base make it easily portable and minimize operator fatigue. The optional carrying harness even lets you operate the vacuum cleaner while it is mounted on your back.

The durable chrome-plated steel tank has a wraparound vinyl bumper to protect walls and furniture. The low profile design enhances maneuverability.

Comes complete with an absolute HEPA filter, motor filter, a 6' (1829 mm) hose complete with end fittings, a combination floor tool with telescopic wand, combination brush/small upholstery nozzle, crevice tool, and a dust bag.

  Nilfisk Part # Cat. # Price
1.25" (32 mm) Hose
Price per foot; max 25 feet (7620 mm)
81813200 1001-07 $ 18
Complete Hose End Assembly
Twist-on section
22359800 1001-10 Call TUI
6' (1829 mm) Hose
Complete with end fittings
1402782500 1001-06 $ 62
Paper Dust Bags (Qty. 10) 1407015040 1001-01 $ 26
Turbo Power Floor Nozzle 22360000 1001-15 $ 92
Complete Hose End
Bent end section
1405116000 1001-09 $ 46
Absolute HEPA Filter
DOP 99.999% to 0.3µm
1402666010 1001-03 $ 160
Cuffs for Hose 01745900 1001-02 $ 7

Motor: 1.3 HP
Motor type: 2-stage, non-bypass
Electrical: 115V 60Hz
Current: 920W, 8A
ank: Chrome plated steel
Base and cover: Injection molded plastic
Bumper: Full wraparound nonmarking vinyl
Cord: 35 feet (11 m) 189-3 SJT
Vacuum: 96 inches WC
Air flow: 77 cu. ft./min. (0.036 m³/s)
Collection bag: 4 gal. (17.6 liter), 0.5 bushel
Filter area: 2880 sq. in. (1.9 m2)
Dimensions: 13"H x 15"W x 17.5"L
330 mm x 381 mm x 445 mm
Weight: 17.5 lbs. (7938 g)
Sound level: 65 dB(A), 6'6", 2012 mm, from unit

File Type File Name Publication Date
Brochure (PDF) Vacuum Cleaner GD930, Nilfisk
A guide informing about the product benefits and specifications.
Tech Resource (PDF) Nilfisk Vacuums Series GD930 Spec Sheet
Nilfisk's GD930 series vacuum cleaner specifications and accessory guide.
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