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Carbon Dioxide Purifier and Micro-Precision Steam Cleaner

Carbon Dioxide Purifier

Carbon Dioxide Purifier

  • Economical—converts low-cost CO2 into high-quality, 99.999999% ultra-pure CO2
  • Easy to use—simply connect to a CO2 vapor source
  • Select among three capacities for up to 36 lbs. (16.3 kg) of ultra-pure CO2/hour
  • Enhances effectiveness of SNO GUN™ II and other CO2 cleaning systems

These CO2 Purifiers allow the use of inexpensive industrial-grade CO2 for ultra-pure cleaning with the SNO GUN™ II or other dry ice cleaning systems.

They are easy to set up and operate. Simply install the purifier between a CO2 vapor cylinder and a dry ice cleaning device by means of two hose fittings and you're ready to clean with laboratory-grade, ultra-pure CO2. A pressure gauge on the front panel indicates when your pure CO2 supply is low. Regeneration rates vary with the model; see specifications below. All models feature a 304 stainless steel housing.

Filtration Efficiency*
CO2 Purity: 99.999999%
Water: < 20 ppbwt
Hydrocarbons: 3 ppbwt
Other Contaminants: Methane, air and non-volatile residues are rejected in the distillation process
(will not condense at ambient temperature)
* Based on independent laboratory analysis of CO2 before and after purification.
Carbon Dioxide Purifier
L" x W" x H"
Power Va-Tran
Part #
Cat. # Price
26 x 14 x 17
(660 x 356 x 432)
100% 36 Continuous 115VAC, 60Hz SGP-50C-100 4545-10 $ 7,140
230VAC, 50Hz SGP-50-220/50 4545-13 $ 8,237
* Based on use with SNO GUN™ ll, which uses approx. 36 lbs./Hour (0.6 lbs./minute)

Micro-Precision Steam Cleaner

Weight: 20 lbs. (9072 g)
Dimensions: 8.5"W x 13"D x 8"H
216 mm x 330 mm x 203 mm
Cabinet: Powder-coated steel exterior

Micro-Precision Steam Cleaner

  • Ideal for removing grease, oil, flux, adhesive, fingerprints
  • Safe, clean design generates super-heated steam on-demand, without high-pressure steam storage
  • Portable design makes this system ideal for point-of-use applications
  • Auto shut-off feature safeguards heater

The Micro-Precision Steam Cleaner is a small, table top, portable steam cleaner that instantly converts distilled water to high-pressure, superheated steam.

It is safer than other steam cleaners because it does not store steam under pressure. Instead, it superheats steam for on-demand use of up to 20 minutes—long enough for most cleaning applications. Its unique flash-heat design requires less than 8 minutes start-up time and conserves DI or other purified water fed into the system.

The Micro-Precision Steam Cleaner includes a handle for easy transport and a straight nozzle.

Steam Cleaner
Model Steam
Power Steam
°F (°C)
Nozzle Internal
Part #
Cat. # Price
MPS l 1 minute 100-120VAC
50/60Hz, 14A
to 180 psig 250
1 fixed Stainless steel
with Teflon line hose
MPS-1-121D 4545-04A $ 2,310
continuous 200-240 VAC
50/60Hz, 14A
90-115 psig 250-350
1 fixed Stainless steel
with Teflon line hose
MPS-1-CD 4545-06A $ 2,516
2 minutes 100-120VAC
50/60Hz, 14A
90-115 psig 212-350
1 fixed Brass and carbon steel MPS-1-151B 4545-05A $ 839
1 minute 200-240 VAC
50/60Hz, 14A
150-200+ psig 250-350
1 fixed Stainless steel
with Teflon line hose
MPS-1-302D 4545-07A $ 3,255
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