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Torch™ Portable UV Disinfection
by ClorDiSys

Torch #116-100
UV Sensor Module #116-101
Torch Portable UV Disinfection towers kill 99% of microorganisms and is ideal for use in labs, hospital rooms, operating rooms, healthcare facilities and in spaces requiring UV disinfection of hazardous and toxic viruses. Remote control feature and innovative design maximize operator safety and room disinfection.
  • 8 high-intensity UVC bulbs made with quartz glass angled at 4 degrees for effective reach of ceiling
  • Unit produces efficient UVC output of 12 mJ/minute (0.18 mw/cm^2)
  • Provides 99% reduction of Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) in 10 seconds and Clostridium difficile in 1 minute at 10 feet
  • Open center for 360-degree radiation of 8 UVC bulbs improves overall room coverage
  • Disinfects components and small lab tools inside lab or room
  • Optimized UVC output vs. power usage and cost for multiple units; ideal for larger or irregularly shaped rooms
  • Disinfection by multiple units eliminate shadow areas
  • Lamp Guard has stainless steel protective lattice to protect lamps from accidental breakage
  • One-year manufacturer warranty

Safety features include: four motion sensors abort operation if motion is sensed in the room, emergency stop button, manual reset button, remote control push button
Applications: laboratory, research, healthcare, pharmaceutical and manufacturing
Optional UV Sensor Module monitors and documents UVC dosage and disinfection process
Option: Torch UV Sensor Module displays and logs dosage and archive data
Includes: Four motion sensors (built-in) and remote starter; heavy-duty protective cover

Part #
Product Cat. # Price
116-100 TORCH UV Tower 2100-41 $ 18,281
116-101 TORCH UV Sensor Module 2100-42 $ 8,438
TORCH Tower Specifications
Unit Dimensions 23"W x 23"D x 68"H (584 x 584 x 1727 mm)
Material Stainless steel construction; quartz bulbs
Electrical 110-240VAC, 6Amps, 50/60Hz
Coverage 360° at 10 ft. radius
Bulbs 8 high-output, 4-pin, low-pressure UVC germicidal bulbs, low-ozone
Lamp Life/Quantity Rated for 16,000 hours of usage/8
Lamp Type 4-pin, low-pressure, UVC Germicidal, low-ozone
Power cable Hospital grade; 15 ft. long
Wheels Hospital grade; 3" diameter; resilient monoprene
Weight 71 lbs. (32.21 kg)
UV Sensor Module Specifications
Display 6" Touchscreen Interface
Material Fiberglass
Dimensions 14"W x 12"D x 8"H (6.35 x 5.44 x 369 mm)
Weight 16.5 lbs. (7.48 kg)
Power 115VAC, 60Hz, 3Amps
Monitors UVC dosage and documents UV disinfection process
Stores data: room number, time, date and accumulated dosage
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Watch the video to see how the Torch works:
  • Roll the Torch into the room; place optional Sensor Module in front of the Torch unit
  • Plug power cord into Torch and wall outlet
  • Set timer to desired duration of exposure and connect electrical cable to sensor
  • Position sensor module outside room
  • Plug sensor module, connect electrical cable and insert USB data stick
  • Enter room number; press start logging and start button on remote control
  • User has one minute to leave room and close the door when start button is pressed
  • Close the door and let the Torch kill exposed microorganisms and viruses in the room
TORCH in hospital room TORCH in hospital room
Placing a Torch inside a hospital room is ideal for sanitizing and disinfecting a room exposed to high-risk, highly infectious microorganisms such as Ebola. Multiple units minimize shadow areas in large rooms or irregular shaped spaces. The cost of two Torch units is less than the cost of larger competing systems.
Torch UV disinfecting the ambulance used to transport patients with Ebola virus disease  
Torch UV disinfecting the ambulance used to transport patients infected with Ebola virus .  
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Efficacy of the TORCH
The TORCH UV Disinfection system destroys over 99% of bacterial organisms in 15 minutes by delivering high-intensity narrow-band UVC light. Bulbs positioned at a 4-degree angle provide a complete 360° UVC coverage.
Microorganism Distance Time (min) Percent Reduction
Enterococcus faecium 10 feet 15 minutes >99%
Psuedomonas aeruginosa 10 feet 15 minutes >99%
Bacillus atrophaeus spores 10 feet 30 minutes >99.9%
Salmonella typhimurium 10 feet 15 minutes >99%

File Type File Name Publication Date
White Paper (PDF) American Journal of Infection Control—Environmental UV Decontainment after Ebola Care
White Paper (PDF) UVC Germicidal Irradiation
UVC provides an effective, low-cost way to reduce microbial loads throughout your cleanroom. Learn how it fits into an overall strategy for maintaining aseptic processes.
Tech Resource (PDF) Most-Wanted Pathogens
Poster with profiles on scores of pathogens (bacteria, viruses, fungi) that can be controlled through UVC germicidal exposure.
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