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ULPA Filtration Vacuum Cleaner

ULPA Filtration Vacuum Cleaner
  • 4-stage ULPA filtration system removes particles 0.12 microns in size at 99.999% efficiency
  • ESD protection with conductive plastic hose and accessories
  • Ultra-quiet performance won't disturb cleanroom operations
  • Positive twist safety latches for added security
  • Meets OSHA electrical safety standards

Part #
Cat. # Price
120VAC, 60 Hz 9A 01790150 1764-00 $ 1,443
240VAC, 60 Hz 3.9A 01790150-220V 1764-00-220 $ 1,484

This Cleanroom Vacuum Cleaner is used for cleaning the workplace or picking up spills of hazardous dust and particles.

Its unique four-stage filter system removes particles and dust before returning the air to the workplace. In stages one and two, large particles are trapped by a bag (9.25-liter capacity) and napped cotton filters. In stage three, air passes through a specially designed microfilter rated 99.999% efficient @ 0.5 µm particles. In stage four, air passes through an ULPA Exhaust Filter which is 99.999% effective in removing particles 0.12 µm—so that air returns to the workplace “white-room” clean.

Quiet 59 dBA at 6.5 feet (1981 mm), this unit is grounded. It meets the electrical safety standards outlined in the Williams Steiger Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 (OSHA) and is listed by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. This cleaner is interference-suppressed, and its single-phase motor is equipped with a thermal protection device to prevent overheating. This unit is designed for intermittent duty.

Complete with exhaust filter assembly, AES microfilter, two 22" (559 mm) stainless steel straight tubes, 3" (76 mm) round brush, combination 12" (305 mm) floor nozzle, 6'-6" (2012 mm) conductive plastic hose, trolley, 30' (9144 mm) power cord, conductive crevice nozzle, 5" (127 mm) utility nozzle, and package of five paper bags.

Consumption: 1100 W
(on vacuum gauge)
102* inches (2591 mm)
Air Flow: 87 cubic ft/min (147.9 m³/hr)
Suction Power: 250 air watts
Tank Capacity, dry bulk: 3.25 gallons (14.3 liters)
Paper Bag Capacity: 2.25 gallons(9.9 liters)
Filter Area: 1477 square inches (1 m2)
Dimensions: 12" dia. x 16" H
305 mm x 406 mm
Weight Without Accessories: 11 lbs (4990 g)
Cord Length: 30 ft (9144 mm)
* With pressure relief valve inactive.

Replacement Parts

Exhaust Filter AssemblyExhaust Filter Assembly   Exhaust Filter Assembly

Exhaust Filter Assembly

(ULPA) filter is used when exhaust air must be "white-room" clean. Designed specifically for recovery of toxic and super-fine dusts. ULPA filters last 1000 hours, equivalent to 12-14 months, depending on use.
Filter casing: Aluminum
Filter material: Glass fiber
Filter cartridge diameter: 5.25" (133 mm)
Filter cartridge height: 3" (76 mm)
Filter surface area: 576 sq. in. (0.4 m2)
Maximum working temperature: 90°C (194°F)

Nilfisk Part # Cat. # Price
Exhaust Filter Assembly 1720440 1764-01 $ 414
Replacement Filter 01737631 1764-69 $ 254
Made of AES Polycomposite material.
This filter is 99.9986% efficient @ 0.5µm particles, and lasts 500 hours, equivalent to 6-8 months, depending on use.

Nilfisk Part # Cat. # Price
11730410 1764-02 $ 37

Disposable Paper Bags

Just slide the plastic collar over the intake opening and the bag is installed. When full, the bag slides back off for easy disposal 2.25 gallon (9.9 liter) capacity. Prevents rescattering at collected dust. 5 bags per package.

Nilfisk Part # Cat. # Price
81620000 1764-42 Call TUI
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