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IC Series Ultrasonic Cleaners

IC Series Ultrasonic Cleaners
  • Solid-state ultrasonic generator with 25 or 40 kHz transducers
  • Microprocessor controlled for precise process management
  • Bright digital display for easy readability
  • Digital temperature controller provides variable set points to 60°C
  • Digital timer sets cycles from 1-99 minutes

These ultrasonic cleaners offer a full range of features to meet the most precise cleaning requirements. The compact size makes them perfect for tabletop/countertop cleaning. They are constructed of 3/16, 14 gauge stainless steel, and include a stainless steel parts basket and cover with handle.

With their greater power-per-unit volume, these units can reduce cleaning-cycle time and handle more difficult industrial cleaning applications quickly and economically.

The large, 10 gallon (37.9 liter) capacity allows cleaning of larger components, densely-packed small parts, and heavier, more tenacious soils. Their convenient controls are mounted on the front of the cleaning tank. Unit is CSA listed.

Frequency: 25 or 40 kHz
Transducers: 12
Volts: 208 or 230
Watts: 500
Amps: 9.2
Inside Dimensions:  12"L x 16"W x 13"D
305 mm x 406 mm x 330 mm
Outside Dimensions: 20.75"L x 19"W x 16.75"H
527 mm x 483 mm x 425 mm
Capacity: 10 gallons (37.9 liters)
Weight: 80 lbs. (36.3 kg)
Frequency Voltage Branson Part # Cat. # Price
25 KHz 208 VAC CPN-908-011 2637-10 $ 4,785
230 VAC CPN-908-012 2637-12 $ 4,785
40 kHz 208 VAC CPN-908-013 2637-11 $ 4,785
230 VAC CPN-908-014 2637-13 $ 4,785
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