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Chemical-Resistant Tops—
Cleanroom Work Stations

Vertical Laminar Flow Station  
Features Key

A Lightweight polypropylene work surface stands up to acids and other chemicals
B Cleanroom-compatible design and materials
C Adjustable “A” base frame
D Nylon leveling feet resist a broad range of chemicals and eliminate wobbles for high-precision work (not shown)
E Options include modular drawer unit, casework, shelves, power strip

cleanliness high

A-Base Bench No. 1522-01, shown with optional  ABS plastic
3-drawer module (Cat. # 1740-07)

This modular work station combines all of the advantages of our standard units with the light-weight durability of polypropylene, which resists the corrosive effects of a wide range of acids and other caustic materials.

The polypropylene top is bonded to a steel frame for support along the entire work surface. The bench frame is made of all-welded square tubing; the heavy-wall tubing used in the construction allows the factory-mounted benchtop to support much heavier loads than conventional benches without sagging. The "A" base table support is adjustable from 25" to 34" (635 mm to 864 mm) floor-to-top and features a white finish. Optional 304 stainless steel lower leg members help guard against scratching. All base designs include leveling feet to provide stability when table is placed on an uneven surface.

Polypropylene Cleanroom Workstation*
W" x D"
Polypropylene Solid Top Polypropylene
Perforated Top
"A"-Base Design
(telescoping legs)
Cat.# Price Cat.# Price
48 x 30
(1219 x 762)
1522-00 Price 1522-42 Price
60 x 30
(1524 x 762)
1522-01 Price 1522-43 Price
72 x 30
(1829 x 762)
1522-02 $ 869 1522-44 Price
84 x 30
(2134 x 762)
1522-03 Price 1522-45 Price
96 x 30
(2438 x 762)
1522-04 Price 1522-46 Price
60 x 34
(1524 x 864)
1522-08 Price --- ---
* Frame and legs feature an epoxy or powder-coat finish. Select stainless steel scuff-guards to protect against scratching (See ordering information below).
** A-Base is standard
Select either the solid benchtop or a perforated top that features a sub-surface plenum chamber. This perforated top/plenum model is ideal for operations under a vertical laminar flow station; the perforations safely vent fumes that might arise during wet processing applications into the plenum chamber, from which they can be exhausted through a 5" x 40" (127 mm x 1016 mm) discharge (custom discharge sizes are available to suit your in-house exhaust system).

Many other models available: including static-dissipative and acid-resistant work surfaces, vibration-isolation systems, ErgoHeight™ and UltraClean™ work stations!

Custom cut-outs are available to accommodate sinks, rinsers and other process equipment.

Chemical-Resistant Tops – Cleanroom Work Stations
Solid Top with optional drawer unit. Custom "C"-base frame shown.

Chemical-Resistant Tops – Cleanroom Work Stations Illustration

Perforated Top with Plenum Chamber

Cleanroom Drawers Unit
Drawers Unit
Cleanroom Drawers
Number of
Minimum Drawer Height
in. (mm)
ABS Plastic Stainless Steel
Cat.# Price Cat.# Price
1 3 (76)
1740-23 Price
1 6 (152)
1740-02 Price 1741-20 Price
1 12 (305)
1740-98 Price 1741-21 Price
2 3, 6 (76, 152)
1740-14 Price
2 6, 6 (152)
1740-15 Price 1741-22 Price
2 6, 12 (152, 305) 1740-06 Price 1741-23 Price
3 3, 6, 12 (76, 152, 305)
1740-07 Price
3 6, 6, 6 (152)
1740-09 Price 1741-24 Price
4 3, 3, 6, 6 (76, 152)
1740-08 Price

  Stainless Steel Leg Member
Replaces lower leg of A-Base benches to guard against scuffs.
Cat.# Price
1741-25 Price

Computer Rack Computer Rack
A convenient space-efficient CPU rack, 12"W x 20"D x 14"H (305 mm x 508 mm x 356 mm)
Cat.# Price
1741-19 Price
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