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Accessories for UltraClean™
304 Stainless Steel Work Stations

Accessories for UltraClean™ 304 Stainless Steel Work Stations
Accessories for UltraClean™ 304 Stainless Steel Work Stations
Accessories for UltraClean™ 304 Stainless Steel Work Stations Accessories
Accessories for UltraClean™ 304 Stainless Steel Work Stations Accessories
Manufactured & Packaged Clean!
Class 10 cleanroom packaging available for selected items. Call Terra for information.

Accessories include:

  • Keyboard tray
  • Holster
  • Mounting Feet
  • Vacuum Line Fittings
  • UltraClean™ Stainless Steel Cleanroom Drawers
  • Electropolished Stainless Steel Foot Rest
  • Equipment Mounts
  • Power Cord Runner
  • Electrical Power Strip

A. Keyboard Tray

This retractable tray, fabricated of 25" (635 mm)-diameter rods, is mounted on nylon rollers for clean operation. Standard width: 24" (610 mm) O.D., 21.5" (546 mm) I.D. Standard mounting is center of bench width.

Cat.# Price
1540-01-2 Price

B. Holster

Select the most convenient location on your work station for this .25" (6 mm)-diameter rod "holster," which accommodates bar code scanners, nitrogen guns, and other equipment.

Cat.# Price
1540-03-2 Price

C. Mounting Feet

Electropolished stainless steel feet feature cut-outs to allow the bench to be bolted to the floor.

Cat.# Price
1540-04-2 Price

D. Vacuum Line Fittings

These chrome-plated fittings accommodate vacuum service lines to operate wafer handling tools and other vacuum-driven process equipment.

Cat.# Price
1540-07-2 Price

E. UltraClean™ Stainless Steel Cleanroom Drawers

These easy-to-install drawers come in a variety of sizes. Mounting brackets are included when drawer is ordered with the bench. Right mount is standard. Please specify alternative mounting. To retrofit drawers please order brackets separately.

Cleanroom Drawer Unit
(Dimensions are inside planer)
No. of
Min. Drawer
Inches (mm)

Stainless Steel
15.25"W x 18.75"D
387 x 476 mm
Cat.# Price
1 6 (152) 1741-26 Price
1 12 (305)
1741-27 Price
2 6, 6 (152) 1741-28 Price
2 6, 12 (152,305) 1741-29 Price
3 6, 6, 6 (152) 1741-30 Price
ABS Plastic Drawers available

Cleanroom Drawer Mounts

Include self-tapping screws for mounting to standard Terra benches. Required only when drawers are retrofitted to a bench (drawers ordered together with bench are factory installed).
Table Depth
Inches (mm)
Cat.# Price
30 (762)
1741-51 Price
34 (864) 1741-52 Price

F. BioSafe Electropolished Stainless Steel Foot Rest

Terra Universal's Electropolished Stainless Steel Foot Rest was designed for cleanliness, as well as for operator comfort. Adjust the height (from 3" to 11") to your preferred position.
Cat.# Price
2803-90 Price

G. Equipment Mounts
These electropolished stainless steel plates clip onto Terra's standard rod top benches to provide a convenient staging platform for process equipment and small parts.

Inches (mm) Cat.# Price
4 x 4 (102 x 102) 9602-50 Price
6 x 6 (152 x 152) 9602-51 Price
8 x 8 (203 x 203) 9602-52 Price
12 x 12 (305 x 305) 9602-53 Price
16 x 16 (406 x 406) 9602-54 Price

H. Power Cord Runner
Eliminate unsightly, hard-to-clean tangles of wires and tubing! This electropolished stainless steel tube houses power cords and service lines running to the bench top. Standard mounting is on the right rear bench leg (specify other desired position).

Cat.# Price
For 1" x 2" (25 mm x 51 mm) square tube bases 9602-55 Price
For 1" x 1" (25 mm x 25 mm) square tube bases 9602-88 Price
For cylinder tube bases 9602-56 Price

I. Electrical Power Strip comes with a clip-on cord tray.
Finally—a power strip that doesn't compromise cleanliness or performance! This electropolished stainless steel unit features smooth surfaces for easy wipe-down and minimal particle retention. A rear cord tray houses excess power cord. Includes vacuum/nitrogen service Quick Connects at each end, duplex outlets, and a 6-foot (1829 mm) power cord.

Inches (mm)
Receptacles 110VAC/60Hz
Cat. # Price Cat. # Price
48 (1219)
3 Duplexes 9602-57 Price 9602-82 Price
60 (1524) 3 Duplexes 9602-58 Price 9602-83 Price
72 (1829) 4 Duplexes 9602-80 Price 9602-84 Price
84 (2134) 5 Duplexes 9602-81 Price 9602-85 Price
96 (2438) 6 Duplexes 9602-87 Price 9602-86 Price
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