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DownDraft™ Work Station

DownDraft™ Work Station
Shown with optional shelf (order separately)
  • Enhances operator safety during soldering, chemical processing, adhesive coating, and other operations involving noxious fumes
  • Sub-surface blower/filter module draws fumes through perforated 304 stainless steel work platform
  • Activated charcoal filter safely removes a wide range of organic fumes for safe indoor exhaust release

This work station is ideal for soldering or chemical processing that requires the removal of potentially hazardous fumes.

Its powerful 1200 CFM (2040 m³/hr) blower draws exhaust fumes downward, away from the operator, for safe removal and purification. The activated charcoal filter removes 98% of most organic chemical vapors, allowing safe release. This filter is now bonded and encapsulated in a sleeve that functions as a prefilter negating the need for a separate prefilter. An 8" (203 mm)-diameter exhaust flange also allows fumes to be ducted away from the bench for external release. Final HEPA filter removes sub-micron particles from the exhaust flow (order charcoal and HEPA filters separately).

Benchtops are made of cleanroom-grade white laminate, sealed on all sides to prevent particle release. Legs, made of 1.5" (38 mm) square steel tubing, raise the work surface 32" (813 mm) off the floor and feature a white epoxy finish and leveling feet. Exhaust fumes enter the filter through three perforated stainless steel platforms positioned at the center of the work surface. Specify other desired platform sizes or locations.

Benchtop Dimensions (order filter(s) separately)
Height is 32" (813 mm) including
leveling feet
110VAC/60Hz 220VAC/50Hz
W" x D" (mm) Cat.# Price Cat.# Price
48 x 30 (1219 x 762) 1728-01 Price 1728-01-220 Price
60 x 30 (1524 x 762) 1728-02 Price 1728-02-220 Price
72 x 30 (1829 x 762) 1728-03 Price 1728-03-220 Price
48 x 34 (1219 x 864) 1728-06 Price 1728-06-220 Price
60 x 34 (1524 x 864) 1728-07 Price 1728-07-220 Price
72 x 34 (1829 x 864) 1728-08 Price 1728-08-220 Price
  Cat.# Price
Activated Charcoal Filter 1716-00A call TUI
HEPA Final Filter
Allows cleanroom exhaust release
1681-02 Price

File Type File Name Publication Date
Manual (PDF) DownDraft Ventilated Work Stations: Doc. # 1800-86
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