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Cleanroom Drawers Unit

Stainless Steel Cleanroom Drawers Unit ABS Plastic Cleanroom Drawers Unit
Stainless Steel ABS Plastic
These modular drawer units let you select a combination of 304 stainless steel or nonconductive plastic drawers in many different depths. They mount easily under work surfaces, shelves—even on cleanroom carts. Their stackable, modular design allows you to mount them just about anywhere you like.

White plastic drawers feature rounded corners inside and out for easy cleaning. All drawers feature smooth, quiet glides and flush pulls to help ensure noncontaminating storage and handling.

Mounting brackets are included when drawer is ordered with a workbench. Right side mount is standard. Please specify alternative mounting. To retrofit drawer, order brackets separately.

Cleanroom Drawers
No. of
Min. Drawer
Inches (mm)
ABS Plastic Stainless Steel
Cat.# Price Cat.# Price
1 3 (76) 1740-23 $ 217
1 6 (152) 1740-02 $ 226 1741-20 $ 221
1 12 (305) 1740-98 $ 319 1741-21 $ 350
3 6, 6, 6 (152) 1741-24 $ 673

Cleanroom Drawer Locks
For added security of drawer contents. Price includes installation of locks on any drawers listed below. Specify size and number of drawers to have locks.
Cat.# Price
1700-97 $ 57
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