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Granite Isolators

Granite Isolators
Microscope not included.
  • Versatile, portable, light-weight platforms isolate vibration in the X-Y plane as well as air systems without the inconvenience of air connections
  • Boosts accuracy of high-precision work, reduces operator fatigue and nausea caused by building vibrations
  • Cleanroom-compatible materials won’t outgas or particulate—uses no moving parts
  • Easy installation—just slip the Granite Isolator under the microscope or measurement system.
  • Excellent horizontal (X/Y) vibration isolation with a natural frequency of 2.4 Hz.
  • Laboratory-proven durability—shows no degradation in performance after more than 10 years of use
  • Granite Isolators can be used as a platform for air isolators for additional damping capabilities.

These economical Granite Isolators provide a low-cost alternative to other vibration-dampening equipment, including pneumatic systems that require cumbersome air connections.

Perfect for Laboratory and Cleanroom Applications
With only three parts—the granite, the silicone supports and the ABS plastic base—the Granite Isolator is the essence of simplicity. All three materials are also non-particle shedding. The granite surface is hard and durable even when instruments slide over it repeatedly.

Granite Isolator
W" x D"
Load Capacity
Net Weight
Cat. # Price
13 x 15
(330 x 381)
1580-20 $ 442
16 x 21
(406 x 533)
1580-21 $ 683
16 x 21
(406 x 533)
1580-22 $ 748
18 x 26
(457 x 660)
1580-23 $ 975

Products That Need the Granite Isolator
  • Microscope and Image Analysis Systems
  • Stereo microscopes
  • Polarized light microscopes
  • Scanning electron microscopes
  • Atomic force microscopes
  • Spectrometers
  • Laser Systems
  • High-resolution analog and digital cameras and imaging workstations
  • Upright and inverted microscopes
  • Confocal microscopes, laser scanners
  • 3D sectioning devices
  • Structural and chemical analyzers
  • Wafer inspection measuring microscopes
  • Ultra-sensitive scales
  • Precision interferometers

General Applications

Reducing environmental input noise minimizes these effects on your products' performance:

  • Traffic: humans, all local transportation vehicles
  • Motors: HVAC, generators, pumps
  • Acoustic Energy: sound input from music, airborne and structure-borne vibrations. Damping your product output noise to minimize these effects on the external environment:
  • Structural and chemical analyzers
  • Fast-moving mechanisms
  • Other vibration sources contained in your product
Vibration isolation frequency: 2.4 Hz (horizontal plane only)
Elastomer: High-grade silicone resists creep (compression)
Surface: Polished granite
Baseplate: ABS plastic
Warranty: One year

Essential Performance Enhancement for —
  • Laboratories
  • Test/Quality Control Centers
  • Cleanrooms
  • OEM Product Lines
Saves time, money and effort— The Granite Isolator costs a fraction of pneumatic isolation benches, is easy to install, and lasts for many maintenance-free years. Dramatically reduces product or environmental noise—Silicone gel isolators dampen many forms of noise—motors, general vibrations and shock, acoustic and earthquake waves. Horizontal isolation is excellent with a natural frequency of 2.4 Hz using high compression-strength, low-creep elastomers.
Measurement and reliability improvements— Vibration isolation can increase your product yield and measurement quality substantially over a long service life. Advanced technology silicone gel isolators tested in applications for over ten years show no noticeable loss of isolation specification.
Enhances product appeal— Granite is an excellent choice for laboratories and cleanrooms because of its high quality look and feel, its cleanliness, its scratch- and spill-resistant finish, and its product display appeal.
Lowers damage costs— The vast majority of noise sensitive (vibration, shock, stress) technology is transported on rigid, nonisolated support structures to their installation points. Our silicone gel isolators (and the good natural damping characteristics of granite) help control damage when shipping your product.
Granite is compatible with air isolator technology— Our Granite silicone gel isolators can be used as a platform on air isolators for further damping capabilities. Granite greatly enhances the visual appeal of the isolation system.
Ideal for small packaging isolation— Pneumatic workbenches are large and bulky and consequently not suited for small product packages that require vibration and other noise damping. Typical applications include small laser, electro-optic systems, and micro-positioning systems used in many applications from DNA and blood testing to micro-hardness and precision measurement systems.
Better ergonomics and productivity— Reducing vibration means better user performance and less fatigue. In addition, less vibration improves the overall reliability of your product by increasing product life and removing other hidden costs.

Cleanroom compatibility—
In addition to substantial costs savings over an air table, the Granite Isolator has no moving parts or non-degrading plastics which means no particle shedding and no ongoing maintenance issues.

Versatile market applications— Biomedical, photonics, data/telecom, semiconductor, transportation, industrial, and defense.

File Type File Name Publication Date
White Paper (PDF) Vibration Isolation Guide
Foot traffic & air handlers can disrupt work processes, so vibration control is critical for efficiency & accuracy in precision applications. Learn more about the effects of vibration and how to control it.
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