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Stainless Steel Table Tops
with Powder-Coated Bases

Vertical Laminar Flow Station  
Features Key

A 304 stainless steel work surface with powder-coated or stainless steel base—suitable for Class 100 / ISO 5 cleanroom use
  Ground terminals and wrist-strap pin connectors for ESD-safe operation
B Height adjustable “A” base frame
C Nylon leveling feet resist a broad range of chemicals and eliminate wobbles for high-precision work (not shown)
D Options include modular drawer unit, casework, shelves, power strip

A-Base table design, shown with white-finished
frame and optional ABS plastic drawer unit (Cat. # 1740-07)

Clean, Versatile—and Static Safe

This stainless steel work station combines durability, chemical-resistance, cleanliness, and conductivity.

The 304 stainless steel top is factory mounted onto an epoxy-finished or powder-coated steel frame made of all-welded square tubing. The heavy-wall tubing used in the construction allows the bench top to support much heavier loads than conventional benches without sagging. The "A" base is adjustable from 25" to 34" (635 mm to 864 mm) floor-to-top. Finished "A" base benches are available with a stainless steel lower leg member to provide additional scuff protection. All base designs include leveling feet to provide stability on uneven floors. Grounding terminals allow easy connection to your in-house ground, and ground-pin connectors located on both the right and left sides of the front frame panel accommodate wrist straps and other static control equipment.

For optimal cleanliness, select the UltraClean™ stainless steel work station, which features an electropolished finish that removes the top layer of stainless steel and leaves behind an ultra-smooth layer of chromium and nickel.

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  cleanliness high
Stainless Steel Cleanroom Workstation, Heavy-Duty 800 lb. (363 kg) Load Capacity
W" x D"
Stainless Steel Top w/Finished Steel Base*
Solid TopPerforated Top
"A" Frame Design"A" Frame Design
Cat.# Price Cat.# Price
48 x 30
(1219 x 762)
1521-45 $ 806 1522-56A Price
60 x 30
(1524 x 762)
1751-00 Price 1522-57A Price
72 x 30
(1829 x 762)
1752-00 Price 1522-58A Price
84 x 30
(2134 x 762)
1521-46 Price 1522-59A Price
96 x 30
(2438 x 762)
1753-00 Price 1522-60A Price
* Order Stainless Steel Scuff Guards separately. Non-Adjustable (one piece) legs also available with "A" Base design at no additional cost (specify when ordering). Finish is white epoxy or powder coat.
Stainless Steel Tops with Powder-Coated Bases Stainless Steel Tops with Powder-Coated Bases Stainless Steel Tops with Powder-Coated Bases
A-Base Design
with optional drawers
(No. 1751-00)
Also available in all-electropolished stainless steel. Many other models available including vibration-isolation systems, ErgoHeight™, and UltraClean work stations! Standard perforations on all Terra benches are 0.25" (6 mm) in diameter


Cleanroom Drawers Unit
Drawers Unit

Cleanroom Drawers
Number of
ABS Plastic Stainless Steel
Cat.# Price Cat.# Price
1 3' (76 mm) 1740-23 Price
1 6" (152 mm) 1740-02 Price 1741-20 Price
1 12" (305 mm) 1740-98 Price 1741-21 Price
2 3", 6" (76 mm, 152 mm) 1740-14 Price
2 6", 6" (152 mm) 1740-15 Price 1741-22 Price
2 6". 12" (152 mm, 305 mm) 1740-06 Price 1741-23 Price
3 3", 6", 12" (76 mm, 152 mm, 305 mm 1740-07 Price
3 6", 6", 6" (152 mm) 1740-09 Price 1741-24 Price
4 3", 3", 6", 6" (76 mm, 152 mm) 1740-08 Price

  Stainless Steel Leg Member
Replaces lower leg of A-base benches to guard against scuffs.
Cat.# Price
1741-25 Price

Computer Rack Computer Rack
A convenient space-efficient CPU rack, 12"W x 20"D x 14"H (305 mm x 508 mm x 356 mm)
Cat.# Price
1741-19 Price
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