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ESD Chair

ESD Chair

No. 1013-00
  • Static-dissipative fabric makes these chairs safe for use around sensitive components and equipment
  • Ergonomic design features four adjustable functions to ensure comfort, safety
  • Built to stand up to long, rugged use

Even simple movements such as reaching for a telephone can generate enough voltage to damage or degrade sensitive microelectronic components.

The ESD Chair is designed specifically to eliminate these problems by combining non-conductive materials, hooded static-free casters, and static-free fabric in a chair that's as comfortable as it is attractive.

Four Continuous-Comfort Ergonomic Functions
Both the contoured seat and back are covered with 2.5" (64 mm) of urethane foam to ensure comfortable seating (meets California Code 117). In addition, these chairs feature four adjustable ergonomic functions.

The 5-leg base is 26" (660 mm) diameter and is made of molded black plastic, with steel collar reinforcement. The 2" (51 mm) diameter dual-wheel, anti-static casters are particularly well suited for hard floors. Their design allows easy movement but slows down backward rolling when you stand up—an important safety feature.

Static-Dissipative Fabric Protects Sensitive Products
The 99% polyacryl/1% metal filament ESD fabric features a surface resistivity no greater than 1.5 x 106 ohms/square cm (when tested in accordance with DIN 54345). Tests have shown that the casters maintained their static-dissipative characteristics after the equivalent of five years of continuous heavy use.*

By placing these chairs on any grounded floor mat, you can rest assured that static charges generated by an operator will be safely dissipated before they can do any damage.

Standard fabric color is onyx.

ESD Chair with Mechanical Controls
Seat Height
inches (mm)
Cat. # Price
16 – 21
(406 – 533)
(no footring)
1013-00 $ 492
19 – 26
(483 – 660)
(with adjust. footring)
1013-41 $ 550
23 – 32
(584 – 813)
(with adjust. footring)
1013-46 $ 561
ESD Chair
Automatic Backrest Flexibility:
Your backrest flexes as you move.
Chair Height Adjustment:
Gives you fingertip control of the chair height.
ESD Chair
Backrest Height:
Lets you raise and lower the backrest while you are seated. Features built-in lumbar support.

Seat: 19" x 17.5" (483 mm x 445 mm)
Back: 15.5" x 13.5" (394 mm x 343 mm)
Seat Height: see chart
Overall Width: 19" (483 mm)
Overall Depth: 25" (635 mm)
Weight: lbs. (kg) 27-34 (12.2-15.4)
* These are typical test results, not guaranteed values.
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