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Footrests for Labs and Cleanrooms

Comfortably rest your feet using these adjustable footrests made of lab- and cleanroom-compatible materials. They help provide an ergonomic working environment; use while sitting at work stations and casework, or in gowning rooms to help with donning booties.

Terra's BioSafe™ 304 stainless steel footrest (A) a continuous welds to reduce crevices where particles accumulate,  smooth, easy-to-wipe-down area. Non-shedding nylon leveling feet may be adjusted for uneven floors. Footrest dimensions are 18"W x 12"D; adjust to heights of 3" to 11".

Adjustable footrests are available in attractive chrome-plated (B) or black powder-coated (C) steel. Reposition the pegs in the stand uprights to modify to a comfortable height (3" to 11"). The footrest surface area is 20"W x 11"D.

Position the correct angle for your feet using the versatile fiberboard footrest (D), not approved for cleanroom use. Slope can be repositioned by your feet when in use. Platform footprint is 18.5"W x 11.5"D.
Description # Dimensions Cat # Price
Biosafe stainless-steel footrest A 18"W x 12"D 2803-90 $ 388
Chrome-plated adjustable footrest B 20"W x 11"D 2804-84 $ 107
Powder-coated adjustable footrest C 20"W x 11"D 2804-83 $ 85
Fiberboard adjustable footrest D 18.5"W x 11.5"D 3642-59 $ 130
(A) Stainless-steel footrest
(Cat. # 2803-90)
(B) Chrome-plated adjustable footrest
(Cat. # 2804-84)
(C) Powder-coated adjustable footrest
(Cat. # 2804-83)
(D) Fiberboard adjustable footrest
(Cat. # 3642-59)

BioSafe Tilting Footrest

Shown #2803-92 elevates feet and promotes circulation
The BioSafe Tilting Footrest is built with easy-to-clean, corrosion-resistant heavy gauge stainless steel. The pneumatic cylinder allows the platform to tilt when manipulated by the user. This adjusting footrest is ideal for lab operators working long hours in ISO 7 and ISO 8 cleanrooms as well as other lab environments where staff experience long periods of immobility.
  • Pneumatic cylinder adjusts foot platform
  • Corrosion-resistant stainless steel with plastic non-skid footplates
  • Provides foot support and helps keep feet elevated
  • Promotes ankle motion to aid in circulation during long periods of sitting
  • Excellent cleanability ideal for use in cleanrooms
  • Dimensions: 14.205 x 13 x 8.72 in. (360.81 x 330.2 x  221.49 mm)
  • Smooth finish on footrest platform
  • BioSafe all-Stainless Steel construction is easy to clean and stands up to alcohol and other cleaning agents)
Description Cat. # Price
BioSafe Tilting Footrest 2803-92 $ 575

  FEATURES & BENEFITS | BioSafe Tilting Footrest
Cleanroom stainless steel tilting footrest used by operator wearing shoe covers
Easy to Clean All-Stainless Steel
Stainless steel material is easy to clean and stands up to various cleaning solutions 
Pneumatic cylinder of BioSafe Tilting Footrest used in cleanrooms
Pneumatic Cylinder
Provides a smooth tilting motion of footrest platform
Blue non-skid foot plate for BioSafe Tilting Footrest used in ISO 7 and ISO 8 Cleanrooms
Non-Shedding Leveling Foot
Ensures that footrest remains in place
Stainless steel platform of BioSafe Tilting Footrest at a horizontal angle
BioSafe Footrest Platform
Cleanroom footrest platform in a horizontal position
BioSafe Tilting Footrest with the stainless steel platform at a slight angle tilt used by a lab operator wearing cleanroom shoe covers
Slight Angle Tilt
Footrest at a slight angle helps elevate feet comfortably
Stainless steel BioSafe Tilting Footrest platform at a 26.57° angle used by a cleanroom operator wearing shoe covers.
Up to 26.57° Platform Tilt
Footrest has a wide range of tilt motion
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