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High, Med-Temperature and Ultimate Acid Gloves

Apparel and Cleanroom Garments: High Temperature GlovesGloves

QRP, Inc. High-Temperature Cleanroom Gloves

  • Designed for dry handling (gloves are not liquid-tight) at contact temperatures from -210°F to 1200°F (-134.4°C to 649°C)
  • Contain no fiberglass or other hazardous materials
  • High-density nylon liner reduces particulate generation when gloves are donned or removed
  • At lengths of 14", 18", or 27" (356 mm, 457 mm, 686 mm), thoroughly protect wrist area
  • Individually packaged in ESD-safe material

These gloves are designed for dry handling of materials with contact temperatures as high as 1200°F (644°C).

The tough outer shell does not burn, char, melt, or outgas at temperatures that could cause contamination or shedding. It breaks down into CO2 and H2O. And the special, high-density nylon liner reduces particulates that are generated through donning or removal of gloves—the times when highest particle counts occur.

Cat. # Price
Large, 14" (356 mm) long 1690-46 $ 99
Medium 14" (356 mm) long 1690-47 $ 99
One size fits all, 18" (457 mm) long 1690-48 $ 129
One size fits all, 27" (686 mm) long 1690-49 $ 163

Apparel and Cleanroom Garments: Mid-Temperature Gloves

QRP, Inc.
Mid-Temperature Cleanroom Gloves

  • Designed for contact temperatures from -78.5°F to +450°F (-61.4°C to 232°C), in both wet and dry environments
  • Liquid-proof design is ideal for wave solder operations
  • Poly-Tuff™ material resists solvents, fluxes, abrasions and cuts
  • Full nylon lining prevents liner shedding and particle generation when gloves are donned or removed
  • Gloves are shipped in ESD-safe packaging for immediate cleanroom use

These gloves are specially designed for use in wave-solder operations that require temperature tolerance, liquid resistance, and noncontaminating properties. A specially compounded PolyTuff™ polyurethane material produces a glove that is extremely comfortable for extended wearing. In addition, it has outstanding abrasion and puncture resistance.

Length (mm) Size Cat.#/Bag Price
12" (305) M 1690-85 $ 229
12" (305) L 1690-50 $ 313
12" (305) XLG 1690-86 $ 285
23" (584) L 1690-51 $ 648

Apparel and Cleanroom Garments: Ultimate Acid Gloves

QRP, Inc. Ultimate Acid/ALKALI™ Gloves

  • Specifically designed to withstand most commonly used cleanroom and laboratory process acids and caustics
  • Hypalon® provides maximum sensitivity and comfort along with minimal contamination
  • Cleanroom processed for cleanroom use (Class 100)
  • Maximum snag, puncture, and abrasion resistance

These tough 12-mil-thick gloves are especially designed to withstand most commonly used cleanroom process acids and caustics in industries such as semiconductors and electronics.

Ultimate Acid/Alkali™ gloves were shown suitable for cleanroom use, in performance testing that measured particle count per ASTM F-24 and ASTM F-312 and permeation per ASTM F-739. Measurement of extractables found no ionic contamination, and less than 1 percent nonvolatile residue. However, because of the wide divergence in testing practices and applications in the semiconductor industry, the user must conduct specific tests as needed to determine the glove's suitability for his intended use. Gloves are packaged one pair/poly bag; 5 pairs/case.

Length: 14"(356 mm)
Thickness: 12 mil
Size: Large only
  Cat. # Price
Ultimate Acid/Alkali™ Gloves 1690-52 $ 108

File Type File Name Publication Date
Brochure (PDF) QRP® 2015 Catalog
A guide containing information for the various glove products QRP® has to offer.
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