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Mini-Hood and Balance Shield

Cleanroom Garment Storage — Mini-Hood
Acrylic (Cat. no. 4950-89)
mini hood
Polypropylene (Cat. no. 4952-00)
  • Easily placed over small process equipment, beakers, flasks and other materials to protect against spills and fumes
  • Prevents drafts from affecting delicate measurements with electronic balances
  • Hinged access shield swings open for additional clearance

This Mini-Hood is ideal for many laboratory and cleanroom applications. It can easily be modified to allow exhaust fume venting. Standard size: 20"W x 12"H x 16"D (508 mm x 305 mm x 406 mm).

  Cat. # Price
Clear Acrylic* 4950-89 $ 501
Static-Dissipative PVC 4950-90 $ 835
Nondissipative PVC 4950-92 $ 550
Polypropylene 4952-00 $ 833
*Acrylic is damaged by alcohol and other cleaning agents.

Balance Shields
Cleanroom Garment Storage — Balance Shields
  • Ideal for use with today's sensitive electronic balances—transparent barrier protects against drafts, bumps, spills, and splashes
  • Removable lid provides easy access for adding liquids or dry chemicals from top
  • Two shields to choose from, each with notches for power cord if needed
Small (12.25"H x 13"W x 12"D)
(311 mm x 330 mm x 305 mm)

Cat. Price
Acrylic* 4950-55 $ 231
Static-Dissipative PVC 4950-56 $ 334
Large (22"H x 16.25"W x 16.25"D)
(559 mm x 413 mm x 413 mm)
Acrylic* 4950-57 $ 284
Static-Dissipative PVC 4950-58 $ 471
*Acrylic is damaged by alcohol and other cleaning agents.
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