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BioSafe™ Bootie Rack for Gowning Rooms & Cleanrooms

Gowning Room Furnishings — Gowning Room Bootie Rack
Perforated stainless steel bootie rack holds 60 pairs of booties or shoes and promotes laminar air flow. Catalog # 9600-03D shown.
  • Provides a clean, organized racking area for booties and shoes
  • Stainless steel construction meets ultra-clean requirements
  • Cubbies are free of fasteners, simplifying wipe-down
  • Select racks of 30, 50 or 60 pair capacity, with or without bulk storage drawer
  • Order perforated or solid-shelf designs
  • Non-slip levelers help safely stabilize the racks

BioSafe bootie racks offer an effective system of organizing and storing booties and shoes.

The larger bootie rack is built with ten shelves of six cubbies each, providing space for up to 60 pairs of booties and shoes. If you need a smaller footprint, choose the slimmer rack that holds up to 30 pairs (ten shelves with three cubbies each).

Space Saving design Space Saving design
Stainless Steel Bootie Rack includes 50 slots (5.5"W x 12"D x 4.5"H) and drawer for bulk storage Space-saving bootie rack houses 30 pairs of booties and shoes, leaving floor space for other cleanroom furnishings. Catalog # 9600-53A shown.
Space Saving design Space Saving design
Wall-mount models include keyhole
slots for easy installation. No. 1560-20-2 shown.
Stainless Steel Bootie Rack includes 24.5"W x 11"D x 16"H drawer for bulk storage   

These 304 stainless steel racks come with your choice of solid or perforated shelves, which feature 0.75" (19 mm) diameter openings that accommodate vertical laminar air flow inside the changing room. These perforations help to minimize turbulence and reduce shelf surface area, diminishing the potential for particle accumulation.

Stainless steel can be safely sterilized with alcohol and other cleaning agents, or steam-cleaned (electropolishing available for critical applications). The absence of fasteners inside the cubbies allow for easy and efficient wipe-down of surfaces.

All floor models include a built-in stand, equipped with non-contaminating, non-slip nylon levelers to help achieve the safest and cleanest conditions inside your cleanroom or gowning room.

Space Saving design
Install multiple cabinets side-by-side to accommodate high-quantity needs. No. 1560-20-2 shown.
BioSafe Gowning Room Bootie and Shoe Racks
Description No. of Slots Dimensions
W" x D" x H" (mm)
Cat. # Price
Floor Solid Shelf 50+ Drawer* 28 x 12 x 76.5
(711 x 305 x 1715)
9600-01 $ 4,841
Floor Perforated Shelf 60 48 x 14 x 68
(1219 x 356 x 1727)
9600-03D $ 3,415
Floor Solid Shelf 60 48 x 14 x 68
(1219 x 356 x 1727)
9600-04D $ 2,956
Floor Perforated Shelf 30 24 x 14 x 68
(610 x 356 x 1727)
9600-53A $ 1,696
Floor Solid Shelf 30 24 x 14 x 68
(610 x 356 x 1727)


$ 1,524
Wall Solid Shelf 3 (9 slots) 24 x 14.5 x 20.3
(609 x 368 x 516)
1560-20-2 $ 516
Wall Perforated Shelf 3 (9 slots) 24 x 14.5 x 20.3
(609 x 368 x 516)
1560-35-2 $ 574
Custom sizes and configurations are available: ­just send us your specification.
Enclosed Safety Shower

Wall-Mount Bulk Storage Cabinet

• Eliminates the need for transferring restock materials in and out of the cleanroom, reducing foot traffic, contamination and labor costs
• Choice of three cleanroom-compatible materials
• 3 storage cubicles in one convenient location
• Wall-mounted to save valuable floor-space
• Custom work is no problem – let us know your requirements!

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