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BioSafe™ Cleanroom Mirrors

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Wall mount frameless cleanroom mirror
Frameless Wall-Mount Mirror
(#5252-59B shown)
Garments courtesy of W.L. Gore & Associates
  • Provides a visual self-check to enhance compliance with gowning protocol before personnel enter the cleanroom
  • Industrial-grade, copper-free mirror combines safety, cleanliness and corrosion resistance
  • Three Space-Saving Configurations:
    Dual-Sided Mirror allows 360-degree visual inspection (see image below); minimizes congestion by providing two viewing surfaces and versatile positioning; Wall-Mount Framed Mirrors feature heavy-gauge, mirror-finish steel frame; Frameless Wall-Mount models are ideal for aseptic facilities — eliminate cracks for easy cleaning.
  • Ultra-smooth surfaces are easy to wipe down
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A Guide to Gowning Procedures

  FEATURES & BENEFITS | Cleanroom Mirrors

Unique Mounting System
Recessed mounting plate ensures flush mounting tightly against the wall to eliminate gaps or surfaces that collect particles.
Beveled Exit Slots
Clean, Corrosion-resistant Design
Copper-free glass material and all-SS base for optimal cleanliness.
New hinge design
Frameless mirrors
Minimize particle and microbial accumulation. Low-profile edges can be caulked to seal mirror against wall.
Alt Text
Made of non-particulating, mirror-finish stainless steel.
Alt Text
Sloping Frame Tops and Edges
Sloped edges minimize particle accumulation, simplify cleaning.

Dual-sided Free-Standing Model
Sloping base for easy cleaning; dual-side mirrors for space-efficient garbing. 

Framed or Frameless?

Both are ideal for most cleanroom applications, but frameless designs offer distinct advantages.
Cleanroom Mirror Cleanroom Mirror
Under frequent exposure to water or harsh cleaning chemicals, framed mirrors can de-laminate; frame seams can also collect germs.
Frameless mirrors feature a unique backing plate that seals out moisture, eliminates germ traps.

BioSafe Wall-Mount Mirrors
Fabricated of industrial-grade glass, these models are mounted in a low-profile, heavy-gauge stainless steel frame to ensure sturdy support. Mirror-finish steel makes them an attractive addition to gowning rooms.
Cleanroom Mirror Cleanroom Mirror
No. 5252-54B Framed Wall-mount Full-Length Mirror,
No. 5252-52A
BioSafe Frameless design: Ideal for aseptic facilities!
Terra's frameless mirrors employ a unique recessed cleanroom mount system that pulls mirrors tight against the cleanroom wall, eliminating gaps where microbes could collect. This system is strong enough to support mirrors of any size and takes only minutes to install.
Cleanroom Mirror Cleanroom Mirror
No. 5252-81 Detachable Stainless Steel Shelf Retrofits in minutes to Terra frameless mirrors sold since 2014; stainless steel rod construction simplifies cleaning, minimizes dust accumulation. Frameless Mounting: Eliminates Germ Traps!
No. 5252-60B
Optional Detachable Shelves
Widths Cat. # Price
For 18" 5252-80 $ 199
For 24" 5252-81 $ 209
Cleanroom Mirror
Frameless Mirror with LED Backlighting
(No. 5252-74)
BioSafe® Frameless Mirrors with LED Lights
Unique design features LEDs embedded in the flush-mount mirror structure for easy cleaning; LEDs are activated by a motion sensor with adjustable sensitivity. Mirror must be hard-wired (includes low-voltage power supply for connection to standard 120V or 240V/60Hz power). Provides 696 lumens per meter; rated for 50,000 hours of operation.
Why is Electropolishing Critical?
Removes iron and other surface impurities that cause corrosion
Draws chromium and nickel to form a hard, protective finish
Removes irregularities (pits and burs) for an ultra-smooth surface that's easy to clean
More on Terra's electropolishing procedures...
W" x H"
With Frame Frameless Frameless with LED Lights
Cat. # Price Cat. # Price Cat. # Price
36 x 72 (914 x 1829) 5252-52B $ 1,260 5252-58B $ 908 -- --
24 x 36 (610 x 914) 5252-53B $ 967 5252-61B $ 793 5252-73 $ 1,129
18 x 24 (457 x 610) 5252-54B $ 676 5252-60B $ 528 5252-74 $ 875
24 x 72 (610 x 1829) 5252-55 Call TUI 5252-59B $ 908 -- --
24 x 60 (610 x 1524) 5252-70B $ 1,151 5252-71 $ 908 -- --
24 x 48 (610 x 1220) 5252-56 $ 1,091 5252-63B $ 897 -- --
18 x 36 (457 x 914) 5252-57B $ 856 5252-62B $ 738 5252-78 $ 1,105

Dual Sided Mirror
Cleanroom Mirror Cleanroom Mirror
Don't Get Caught with You Gown Down!
Dual-Side Mirror, at a 45-degree angle to wall-mount mirror (No. 5252-59B), allows 360-degree visual inspection to ensure thorough adherence to gowning protocol.
No. 5252-65A, Dual-Sided Mirror
Garments courtesy of W.L. Gore & Associates
Cat. # Price
5252-65A $ 2,458
Cleanroom Mirror

Overall dimensions: 35.5"W x 21"D x 73.5"H (902 mm x 533 mm x 1867 mm)
Overall glass dimensions: 35.5"W x 72"H x 0.5" total thickness (902 mm x 1829 mm x 13 mm)
Viewing area: 35.5"W x 60.5"H (902 mm x 1537 mm)
Base: 35.5"W x 21"D x 12.75"H (902 mm x 533 mm x 324 mm), including leveling feet; 35.5"W x 3.5"D (902 mm x 89 mm) glass support platform

File Type File Name Publication Date
Video Dual-Sided Cleanroom Mirror
Terra demonstrates the benefits to having a double-sided mirror in your gowning area to help staff with cleanroom compliance.
Video Gowning Procedures
Proper gowning protocol supports compliance with cleanliness standards. We explain and demonstrate these recommendations.
Tech Resource (PDF) Gowning Protocol
How many contaminating particles do you create and how can you avoid it? A practical how-to guide that helps you and your employees comply with proper gowning protocol.
Manual (PDF) Cleanroom Mirror: Doc. # 1800-09
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