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BioSafe Folding Stainless Steel Step Ladders

Folding Stainless Steel Step Stools
  • A step up in cleanliness and safety! These ladders meet OSHA safety standards
  • Fold flat for convenient storage
  • 316L stainless steel construction
  • Non-slip polyurethane leveling feet wtih all-stainless steel stems now standard on all folding models (see photo below)
  • 0.75"(19 mm)-diameter perforations accommodate vertical laminar air-flow and minimize particle accumulation
  • Custom sizes and configurations available—call with your specifications!

These folding step ladders comply with OSHA's Part 1926-1053 safety standards for Type I ladders (250 lb. duty rating). They are ideal for performing maintenance tasks in a clean room and easy to store when not in use.

The 316L stainless steel provides excellent corrosion resistance. A convenient hand rail allows you to maintain your balance while climbing up or standing on the step ladder. Standard models include perforations; other designs are available on a custom basis. Includes adjustable non-skid polyurethane leveling feet.

Three-step stainless steel foldong step stool
OSHA-compliance labeling etched in cleanroom-compatible stainless steel.
One-step stainless steel foldong step stool   Two-step stainless steel foldong step stool   Three-step stainless steel foldong step stool
No. 2805-80A
  No. 2805-81A
  No. 2805-82A
Why is Electropolishing Critical?
Removes iron and other surface impurities that cause corrosion
Draws chromium and nickel to form a hard, protective finish
Removes irregularities (pits and burs) for an ultra-smooth surface that's easy to clean
More on Terra's electropolishing procedures...
BioSafe®: Terra's Ultimate Cleanliness Rating
Terra's BioSafe products meet design and material standards that go far beyond conventional cleanroom requirements.

Developed specifically for aseptic requirements in bio-pharmaceutical cleanrooms, these items incorporate a range of features that minimize particle generation and accumulation and inhibit microbial growth. Learn more . . .
Folding Stainless Steel Step Ladders, Load Capacity 250 lbs
Step Size
W" x D"
Overall Dimensions
W" x D" x H"
No. of
Step Height
316L Stainless Steel
Cat. # Price
15 x 10
(390 x 260)
17 x 16 x 22
(432 x 410 x 559)
1 10.8
2805-80A $ 1,167
15.5 x 10
(394 x 260)
20 x 20 x 36
(508 x 508 x 914)
2 10.2, 19.5
(260, 495)
2805-81A $ 1,526
15.5 x 10
(394 x 260)
18 x 26 x 45
(460 x 660 x 1143)
3 10.2, 19.5, 28.8
(260, 495, 732)
2805-82A $ 1,766
High-Capacity Folding Step Ladder...
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Three-legged stool   BioSafe Stainless Steel Stool
This 316L stainless steel stool features a 15"-diameter seat positioned 20.25" above the floor. Three cross-braced legs provide ample support for a 250 lb. load. Includes non-contaminating, non-skid polyurethane leveling feet that resist damage from acids. Weight = 11 lb.
Cat. # Price
2806-10A $ 452

welded stool   All-welded, heavy-duty step stools and ladders...

non-skid leveling foot Replacement Non-Skid Leveling Feet (standard on all folding models above)
  • Standard on Folding Ladders
  • Increase safety on slick surfaces
  • Replaces standard nylon feet for additional skid-resistance
  • 2.5" diameter x 1"H (polyurethane disk)/ 3.25"H (including stainless steel threaded stem)
  • Noncontaminating, acid-resistant foot
Cat. # Price
2805-99 $ 24

grounding chain  

Grounding Chain
Bracket allow easy installation on Terra step stools and ladders to provide a ground connection when used on conductive flooring.

Cat. # Price
2805-61 $ 109
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