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Cleanroom Storage Cabinet
Multi-Purpose, Wall-Mount

Store supplies or property inside individual
chambers. Wall-mount cabinet has nine
cubicles; designed to hold small items
(static-dissipative PVC model 4105-02 shown).
  • Cleanroom-compatible materials
  • Nine storage cubbies in one convenient location
  • Wall-mounted to save valuable floor-space
  • Padlock loops available for added security
  • Top-mounted hinges ensure that swing doors always close

Lab or cleanroom personnel can store supplies, works-in-progress (WIPs) or personal property in these convenient, wall-mount cabinets. Nominal outside dimensions: 49"W x 12.5"D x 37"H

Position in a cleanroom or gowning area, workers have easy access to 9 individual cubbies. Doors swing upward to allow access to 15"W x 12"D x 12"H space, and cabinets with padlock loops are available to help protect items against theft. Hardware is stainless steel.

Select acrylic for a cabinet with high clarity, light weight and strength. Note that acrylic may be damaged by alcohol. Static-dissipative PVC is the best choice in static-sensitive environments. SDPVC is also transparent, but resists damage from many cleaners. White polypropylene is opaque, so shields contents from view. Like SDPVC, this material is corrosion resistant to many common chemicals.

Hinged-doors swing up to open cubbies.
Locking cabinets with padlock loops
also available; see order chart
Affix storage cabinet to wall using these
pre-drilled screw holes built into back panel
Cleanroom Storage Cabinet, Multi-Purpose, 9 Cubbies
Material Cat. # Price
Acrylic 4105-00 $ 1,432
Acrylic with padlock loop 4105-01 $ 1,575
Static-dissipative PVC 4105-02 $ 2,126
Static-dissipative PVC with padlock loop 4105-03 $ 2,343
Polypropylene (SDPVC doors)
4105-04 $ 2,086
Polypropylene with padlock loop (SDPVC doors)
4105-05 $ 2,303
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