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IsoClean® and ProClean® Disposable Cleanroom Garments Overview

Apparel and Cleanroom Garments: IsoClean and Pro/Clean Disposable Clothing
Apparel and Cleanroom Garments: IsoClean and Pro/Clean Disposable Clothing Bound Seam
Serged Seam—
Cost-effective marginal containment
Bound Seam—Excellent containment, reduced shedding
Please note that our Accessory Shoe Cover and Accessory Bouffant Hair Cover come unprocessed.
  • IsoClean biologically and chemically inert Tyvek® ensures maximum particle containment, maximum liquid shielding, minimum shedding
  • Revolutionary ProClean garments are made of ProShield® 2 fabric, a microporous polypropylene film laminated to a polypropylene non-woven substrate
  • Lightweight and flexible—easy to put on and remove, comfortable to work in
  • Recommended for cleanroom applications in electronics, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, semiconductors

These protective garments are designed for limited use—they are durable enough to be used more than once, yet inexpensive enough to be economically discarded, thus saving you the time and cost of laundering.

Unsurpassed Cleanliness in Disposable Garments

The key feature of our protective garments is the material used in their construction. Non-woven Tyvek used in IsoClean garments is a highly effective contamination control fabric resistant to penetration by airborne particles, dirt, grease, biological agents and a broad range of chemicals. It is chemically and biologically inert, low linting and static dissipative.

The ProShield 2 non-woven material used in ProClean®garments features an outside polypropylene film lamination that provides an excellent protective shield, holding in 100% of all dry particulates down to 0.19 µm in size, while remaining breathable for additional worker comfort. This unique material provides the contamination protection associated with much more expensive, reusable garments. Like the IsoClean fabric, it is chemically and biologically inert, low linting and static-dissipative.

Tunnelized elastic at openings enhances particle containment by a secure fit and reduces the lint associated with exposed elastic. Tapered torso minimizes the "billowing effect" that can cause particulation. Rotated shoulders and curved back design improves comfort and allows easy movement when arms are outstretched. Extended sleeve and leg lengths minimize the potential for skin exposure.

Two seam options allow you to optimize your cost and containment needs. ProClean garments come with serged seams. IsoClean garments come with serged or bound seams. Both the Serged Seam and Bound Seam offer assured sterility with proper processing. You can order your garments uncleaned, cleaned, sterile, or cleaned and sterile.

  • Uncleaned garments come in bulk packs and allow you the choice of laundering or not laundering to suit your specific needs.
  • Cleaned garments have been thoroughly processed in a Class 10 cleanroom laundry facility to confine particle contamination to the appropriate levels: serged seam garments recommended for Class 10,000 cleanroom environments, bound seam garments for Class 100.
  • Sterile garments have been thoroughly irradiated to remove organic contamination, ensuring sterility levels of 10-6. (IsoClean only)
  • Cleaned and sterile garments have been thoroughly processed to prevent both particle and organic contamination. (IsoClean only)
ProShield 2 Specifications
Physical Property U.S. Testing European Testing
Test Method Results
Test Method Results
Basis Weight ASTM D751 0.06 kg/m2 58 g/m2 BS2471 61 g/m2
Grab Tensile Strength ASTM D751 MD 30 lbs (13.6 kg)
XD 26 lbs
(11.7 kg)
MD 133 N
XD 115 N
ISO 5081 MD 98
XD 80
Puncture Propagation Tear ASTM D2582 MD 6.4 lbs
(2.9 kg)
XD 9.3 lbs
(4.2 kg)
29 N
41 N
EN 863 7.8 N
Ball Burst
ASTM D3787 26 lbs
(11.7 kg)
115 N    
Burst Resistance       ISO 2960 61 Kpa
Hydrostatic Water Resistance ASTM D751 17.7 psi 122 cm
(1220 mm)
ASTM D751 169 cm
(1690 mm)
Moisture Vapor Transmission
Rate (g/m2/24 hrs)
Procedure D
1481.5 1481.5 ASTM E-96
Procedure D
MD = Machine Direction; XD = Cross Direction. The test data presented here represent typical physical properties. Sources for all test data are from independent laboratories. All tests were performed under laboratory conditions and not under actual use conditions. Tests were performed on material samples, not actual garments.

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