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Cleanroom Notebook and File Holders

Cleanroom Garment Storage — Cleanroom File Holders
Open bottom for easy cleaning!

Cleanroom File Holders

  • Organize paper work in and out of the cleanroom
  • Four-slot models feature open bottom with folder stops to eliminate "dust traps," simplify cleaning
  • Single slot models provide convenient spot for tracking documentation at each work station

These convenient file holders are easy to clean and completely cleanroom compatible. Large units feature four 10" x 9.25" x 1" (254 mm x 235 mm x 25 mm) slots with folder supports on the bottom side to keep paper work in place and simplify cleaning. The slots are staggered for easy access and labeling. Small units provide a 13" x 7" (330 mm x 178 mm) slot that tapers from 3" (76 mm) at the opening to 0.5" (13 mm) at the base. All file holders are pre-drilled to allow easy wall mounting.

4-Slot, 9.63"W x 5"D x 15"H
(245 mm x 127 mm x 381 mm)

Cat. # Price
Acrylic* 4005-25 $ 124
Static-Dissipative PVC 4005-23 $ 147
Polypropylene 4952-05 $ 147
Single-Slot, 13"W x 1.75"D x 10.75"H
(330 x 273 x 44 mm)
Static-Dissipative PVC 4005-30 $ 83
*Acrylic is damaged by alcohol and other cleaning agents.

Cleanroom Garment Storage — Notebook Holder></td>               <td width=

Notebook Holder

  • Shields notebook (and logged information) from laboratory spills
  • Props open notebook at stable, easy-to-read 60° angle
  • See-through shield allows quick, easy reference to notes
Notebook Holder, 10.25"H x 15.75"W x 6"D
(260 mm x 400 mm x 152 mm)
Static-Dissipative PVC 4950-48 $ 85
*Acrylic is damaged by alcohol and other cleaning agents.
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