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Garb and Parts Dispensers –
Ideal for Cleanroom Gloves and Apparel

These convenient dispensers, bins, and holders organize your cleanroom and laboratory garments, gloves, hats, booties and other apparel. Specialized designs hold pipettes, well plates, glove boxes, safety glasses, wipers, notebooks and many other cleanroom and laboratory accessories. Bench and wall-mount models conserve valuable space. Refer to Terra’s Guideline to Gowning Room Design for recommended placement in gowning areas.
Most models are available in four application-specific materials:
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    Acrylic combines strength and visibility
  • Static-Dissipative PVC is ideal for static control in ESD-sensitive locations
  • Polypropylene provides strength and broad chemical resistance
  • 304 Stainless Steel
Clean Room Stainless Steel Glove Dispenser   Clean Room Stainless Steel Glove Dispenser   Glove Dispenser with Waste Bin and Chute   Clean Room Wall-Mount Glove Dispenser
Stainless Steel Glove Dispenser.
Includes model with base
  Stainless Steel Glove Dispenser   Glove Dispenser with
Waste Chute and Bin
  Wall-Mount Glove Dispenser
Clean Room Small Parts Dispenser
  Clean Room Small Parts Dispenser
  Clean Room Gloves dispenser  
Clean Room Safety Glasses Holder
Small Parts Dispenser   Install next to hand washer   Position glove boxes
at a convenient height
  Safety Glasses Holder
Cleanroom Garment Storage — Dispensing Bins   Cleanroom Garment Storage — Apparel Dispenser   apparel bins   Cleanroom Garment Storage — Small Parts Organizer
Dispensing Bins   Apparel Dispenser   Apparel Bins   Small Parts Organizer
Cleanroom Garment Storage — Enclosed Wiper Dispenser   Cleanroom Garment Storage — Wiper Dispenser    Cleanroom Garment Storage — Benchtop Glove Dispenser   Cleanroom Garment Storage — Tissue Box Holders
Enclosed Wiper Dispenser   Cleanroom Wiper Dispenser   Benchtop Glove Dispenser   Tissue Box Holders
Cleanroom Garment Storage — Bootie Dispencer
Cleanroom Garment Storage — Hat Dispenser
  Cleanroom Garment Storage — Pigeonhole Organizer   Cleanroom Garment Storage — Swab Dispenser
Cleanroom Bootied Dispenser   Cleanroom Hat Dispenser   Pigeonhole Organizer   Swab Dispenser
Cleanroom Benchtop Caddy   micro-desiccator storage   Cleanroom Garment Storage — Stainless Steel Benchtop Dispensing Bins    
Cleanroom Benchtop Caddy  

Micro-Desiccator Storage

  Stainless Steel Garb &
Parts Dispensers

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