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BioSafe® Stainless Steel Glove Dispenser with Waste Bin

glove dispenserwith waste bin
Shown: No. 4951-39A-2
  • 304 stainless steel construction ensures clean, non-corroding surfaces that stand up to common cleaning agents
  • Top unit includes three compartments for storage of loose gloves or varying types and sizes
  • Bottom compartment houses removable, reusable 24-gallon(106 L) rigid plastic receptacle liner for easy removal of waste

Ideal for gowning and processing areas, this stainless steel dispenser features a hinged top for easy glove stocking; rounded openings allow snag-free glove removal. Fabricated of 304 stainless steel, it features durable surfaces that stand up to repeated cleaning and sterilization with common biocides.

A space-saving waste base houses a 24-gallon (91 L) waste liner that conveniently contains cleanroom gloves, laboratory wipers, hair nets, face masks, shoe covers and other gowning room waste.

Opening Clearance on both models:
16"W x 16.375"D x 23.5"H (406 x 416 x 597 mm).

Glove Dispenser
W" x D" x H"
Compartments Electropolished 304
Stainless Steel
Cat. # Price
24 x 18.5 x 59
(610 x 470 x 1499)
3 4951-34A-2 $ 2,250
31.5 x 18.5 x 63
(800 x 470 x 1600)
4 4951-39A-2 $ 3,006
  Cat. # Price
Replacement Waste Liner 1456-08 $ 70
Enclosed Safety Shower

Wall-Mount Bulk Storage Cabinet

• Eliminates the need for transferring restock materials in and out of the cleanroom, reducing foot traffic, contamination and labor costs
• Choice of three cleanroom-compatible materials
• 3 storage cubicles in one convenient location
• Wall-mounted to save valuable floor-space
• Custom work is no problem – let us know your requirements!

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