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Glove Liners
from Valutek

ValueTech Cleanroom Glove Liner ValueTech Cleanroom Glove Liner
Full-Finger Half-Finger

Nylon glove liners reduce skin irritation caused by contact with glove materials. These lightweight, non-linting liners are knitted with fine-gauge, 100% virgin nylon. They provide dexterity in finger tips, while offering comfort and improved grip in palm.

Quality, sturdy construction allows liners to be laundered and reused. Universal size and ambidextrous shape fits comfortably under latex, PVC or nitrile gloves. Suitable for use in controlled environments.

$200 minimum order required
  Valutek Part # Cat# $/Bag
Full-finger VTGNLR-1/1 5605-29 $ 475
Half-finger VTGNLR-1/2 5605-28 $ 655

Material Attributes 78 denier nylon pattern
10 gram (+-2) glove weight, material is 18 gram
15 fine gauge per inch stitching, 2 yarn knitted construction
Size: One size universal
Color: White
Packaging: Flat stacked in poly bags. 12 pair per bag.
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