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Gowning Platform and Lean Rail

Gowning Platform

Gowning Room Furnishings — Platform and Lean Rail
  • Crucial protection against the violation of cleanroom garments!
  • Raised platform demarcates a controlled gowning zone, alerting personnel to proper gowning protocol
  • Clearly marked "Clean Zone" ensures that garments remain particle-free as they are being donned
  • Durable, easy-to-clean surfaces won't particulate

A sad fact of cleanroom life: far too often, garments are violated before garbed personnel even enter the cleanroom.

Sure, you may specify and store garments to the highest level of cleanliness, but what happens when people actually put them on? Although you may keep your change room furnishings contaminant-free, your floors are probably covered with particulates. You may train personnel on gowning procedures that keep garments off the floor, but how can you ensure compliance?

Safeguard Your Investment in Cleanliness!

Gowning Room Furnishings — Platform and Lean Rail
Recommended Configuration
This platform offers a simple, effective way to keep garments clean. By presenting a 2" (51 mm) raised platform for the garmenting procedure, it alerts personnel that they are entering a "clean zone" with special requirements. Personnel are permitted to walk or stand only along the 14" (356 mm)-wide blue zone along two sides of the platform. The white "clean zone" is strictly off limits and can be frequently cleaned to ensure a surface as clean as any in your facility.

When preparing to don their coveralls, personnel enter the blue zone, hold the coverall by the waist while facing the clean white zone, and position the garment above protected white zone while putting it on. If the garment does touch the ground, it remains clean.

The gowning platform is made of composite fiber with a high-grade laminate top and side edges. Dimensions: 48" x 96" x 2" (1219 mm x 2438 mm x 51 mm) high. For optimal safety and comfort, select a Lean Rail for each blue zone (see illustration).

  Cat. # Price
Gowning Platform 9605-49 $ 731

Gowning Room Furnishings — Platform and Lean Rail

CleanLean™ Lean Rail

  • Dual lean rails provide ergonomically correct supports as personnel don and remove garments
  • 304 stainless steel surfaces won't shed or collect particles
  • The ideal complement to Terra's Gowning Platform, Terra's CleanLean™ offers dual supports to ensure safe, comfortable garmenting. Electropolished stainless steel cylinders are positioned at 24" (610 mm) and 36" (914 mm) above the floor level and are easy to wipe down. Mounting holes are located on 3" (76 mm) centers.
  Cat. # Price
CleanLean™ 9605-50 $ 1,605

Sit comfortably while garbing up to enter the ISO-rated cleanroom using Terra's dual-level gowning bench (model 1530-35 shown).

BioSafe® Dual-Level Gowning Bench

  • Ergonomic sitting position for donning cleanroom coveralls, booties or other garb
  • 304 stainless steel with continuous-seam welds for ultimate cleanliness
  • 1.5" square –tube frame with nylon leveling feet
  • Rounded edges for comfort and ease of cleaning
  • Footstool is 10.25" high; seat is 18" high
  • Link multiple benches together to create boundary between "clean" and "dirty" sides
36"W x 16"D x 18"H
(914 x 406 x 457 mm)
Cat. # Price
Dual-Level Gowning Bench 1530-35 $ 797

A Guide to Gowning Procedures

File Type File Name Publication Date
Video Gowning Procedures
Proper gowning protocol supports compliance with cleanliness standards. We explain and demonstrate these recommendations.
Tech Resource (PDF) Gowning Protocol
How many contaminating particles do you create and how can you avoid it? A practical how-to guide that helps you and your employees comply with proper gowning protocol.
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