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Section Resources: Cleanroom, Laboratory and Gowning Room Equipment

Gowning Room Design  
Refer to the following technical guidelines located in the “Modular Cleanroom” product section:
    Gowning Procedures
Proper gowning protocol supports compliance with cleanliness standards

Gowning Room Design

Recommendations on gowning room configuration and equipment locations to support proper gowning protocol.

Gowning Protocol

A practical how-to guide that helps you and your employees comply with proper gowning protocol.

Chemical Compatibility Charts

A general guide for various materials and chemicals.
  Metals   Plastics   Rubber and Synthetics
Cleanroom Clean

Cleanroom Clean or Picture Perfect?

Terra appreciates comments we've received on how our cleanroom "workers" take liberties in their dress that yours cannot. Whether to demonstrate a product feature or simple to produce a more attractive image, our models occasionally forgo their masks and hoods.

Rest assured: we wouldn't think of letting them in a cleanroom until they followed proper gowning protocol!
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