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Section Resources: Cleanroom, Laboratory and Gowning Room Equipment

Gowning Room Design  
Refer to the following technical guidelines located in the “Modular Cleanroom” product section:
    Gowning Procedures
Proper gowning protocol supports compliance with cleanliness standards

Gowning Room Design

Recommendations on gowning room configuration and equipment locations to support proper gowning protocol.

Gowning Protocol

A practical how-to guide that helps you and your employees comply with proper gowning protocol.

Electropolishing Standards and Guidelines

This document provides a description of the electropolishing procedures performed by Terra Universal. It also specifies a series of criteria for evaluating the integrity and cleanliness of the electropolished surfaces.
  PDF Version

Chemical Compatibility Charts

A general guide for various materials and chemicals.
  Metals   Plastics   Rubber and Synthetics
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