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Gowning Room Furnishings

Terra provides a comprehensive selection of space-efficient gowning room equipment that helps reinforce proper garbing protocol while maintaining the highest cleanroom cleanliness standards.

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garment storage racks


Garment Storage Racks

Available in square and cylindrical tube designs, these electropolished 304 stainless steel racks come in several configurations for use with sliding and fixed-position hangers.

garment storage cabinets


Garment Storage Cabinets

Available in powder-coated or 304 stainless steel, these cabinets are available with HEPA-filtered blower modules that remove particles from stored garments and materials. Available in several shelf and hanging rod configurations.

cleanroom storage cabinets


Cleanroom Storage Cabinets

These versatile cabinets include adjustable Metro cleanroom wire shelving and are available with HEPA-filtered blower modules that maintain a vertical flow a particle-free air to dislodge and remove particles.

garment shelves and racks intermetro


Garment Shelves and Racks – from InterMetro

A complete range of electropolished stainless steel racks in several versatile configurations, along with gowning benches.

gowning benches


Cleanroom Gowning Benches

Electropolished stainless steel gowning benches are available in cylindrical and square tube designs, with rod, tube or solid tops and below-bench storage racks.

Cleanroom Drawers Unit


Cleanroom Cleanroom Gowning Platform and Lean Rail

Helps maintain a “clean zone” to avoid cleanliness violations while personnel don cleanroom coveralls

bootied cabinets


Cleanroom Bootie Cabinets

Terra manufactures a variety of electropolished stainless steel racks for organized storage of cleanroom booties and other apparel.

cleanroom mirrors


Cleanroom Mirrors

Cleanroom mirrors, available in many standard sizes, provide a visual self-check to ensure proper gowning before personnel enter the cleanroom.

cleanroom mirrors


Garment Hamper

Terra's Cleanroom Garment Hamper allows clean, easy disposal of soiled cleanroom garments.

apparel bins


Apparel Bins

Terra manufactures several standard bins and dispensers for packaged cleanroom apparel.

garment racks


Garment Racks: Wall Mount — from Advance Tabco®

Tubular stainless steel garment racks provide strength and cleanliness. Wall-mount design conserves precious cleanroom space.

intermetro garment racks


Garment Racks: Free Standing — from Advance Tabco®

These tubular stainless steel racks are easy to wipe down and knock down for easy shipping.
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