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Portable Hand-Washing Sink Station

    Epoxy Resin Laboratory Tables from Terra Universal
    Portable hand washing station with convenient handle for easy navigation. Cat. # 9608-01 shown.
  • Self-contained, mobile washing station for hands or small supplies
  • Casters allow easy relocation; lock in place to prevent movement
  • Hands-free soap and water washing operation
  • Infrared beam and soap pump powered by battery
  • Station made of cleanroom-compatible stainless steel
Terra’s portable hand-washing station is completely self-contained, with running water and waste-water containment. Made of 304 stainless steel, it’s an ideal addition to cleanroom gowning areas for washing hands before and after donning gloves. Additionally, wash and dry small supplies and glassware; the generous counter space and backsplash help contain objects and spilled water. Smooth counter is easy to clean, as it has no sharp corners or crevices.

Relocate the mobile station as needed, locking casters in place to prevent movement. A convenient handle allows personnel to reposition the sink station by pushing or pulling. Hinged doors may be opened to access the 26-gallon water tank, 10-gallon carboy, soap reservoir and battery pack. The door handle is flush, preventing it from catching on surfaces or objects.

The cart’s 26-gallon water tank (or 8 gallons without using a compressor) is supported by brackets to keep it stable during movement. Use a standard inlet water hose to connect the tank to a tap and fill under standard city water pressure. The diaphragm tank uses air pressure to dispense water: apply 15-20 psi of air pressure, or about 30 psi less than the building’s inlet pressure, using the tank's welded air valve and standard source of compressed air. The 10-gallon carboy collects waste water and can be drained using a hose accessed from the rear of the station.

Water faucet and soap pump/dispenser are activated by the battery-powered infrared (IR) sensors; touch-free operation is especially appropriate for cleanroom use to reduce the dissemination of contaminants. Water flows as long as the IR beam is interrupted, and the electric pump dispenses soap in adjustable amounts.

The sink dimensions are 16”W x 13.75”D x 9.75”H. Water faucet and soap dispenser are chrome-plated.

Ordering Information
Description Cat. # Price
Portable Wash Station 9608-01 $ 3,583

File Type File Name Publication Date
Manual (PDF) Portable Hand-Washing Station: Doc. # 1788-40
This manual provides instructions for setting up and operating Terra's Portable Hand-Washing Station.
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