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PureDry™ Cleanroom Hand and Glove Dryers

PureDry   PureDry
Germ-Free Recirculating Model
(No. 3333-33)

Recirculating air design minimizes turbulence for enhanced cleanliness, increased heating and filter efficiency. Can be wall- or benchtop-mounted. The ULPA filter lasts the lifetime of the dryer.
  Single-Pass Model
(No. 3333-00)

Space-saving, wall-mount unit features an ULPA filter you replace without un-mounting the dryer. Single-pass design eliminates chance of moisture entering the filter.
  • Provides warm, contamination-free air for drying hands and gloves in a cleanroom and bio-cleanroom
  • Also ideal for drying tools, bottles, microelectronic components and other small, particle-sensitive materials
  • Eliminates the need for towels that shed particles and harbor germs
  • ULPA (Ultra Low Penetration Air) filter captures microcontaminants—ISO 5 compatible
  • No-maintenance design prevents contamination and product failure
  • No overheating of motor due to a dirty filter that increases back pressure and motor stress
  • Hands-free operation
  • Noise: 84 – 85 dB
  • Insulation and motor isolation reduce noise and vibration levels
  • Wide exposure area allows complete drying of elbow-length gloves
  • Photo-electric cell and adjustable timer allow no-touch operation
  • Hands-free operation
  • Simple and fast filter replacement
  • 304 Stainless steel design reduces contaminants
  • Noise: 72 – 73 dB (no hands in air stream); 78 – 79 dB (with hands in air stream)

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Germ-Free Recirculating Model
Recirculating air design minimizes turbulence for enhanced cleanliness, increased heating and filter efficiency. 
Single-Pass Model
Space-saving, wall-mount unit features an ULPA filter you replace without un-mounting the dryer. 
ULPA Filter replacement
ULPA filter replacement is fast and simple for Terra's single-pass hand and glove dryer.

Removable Protective Screen
Easily remove protective screen for cleaning by loosening the two captive thumbscrews.

Wipeable Spill Tray
Smooth corners make the spill tray easy to sterilize without snagging the wiper.

Germ-Free PureDry Hand/Glove Dryer Recirculating Model

Cat. # Price
120VAC/60Hz 3333-33 $ 1,930
220VAC/50Hz 3333-33-220 $ 1,930
ULPA Filter ULPA Filter
Replacement Filter

Cat. # Price
Replacement ULPA Filter
99.999% efficient@ 0.12 micron
3333-35 $ 235


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PureDry Hand/Glove Dryer
Single-Pass Model

Cat. # Price
120VAC/60Hz 3333-00 $ 1,468
220VAC/50Hz 3333-00-220 $ 1,028
Replacement filter filter housing
ULPA Filter Filter Housing
EAsy Filter Removal ULPA filter replacement is fast and simple for Terra's single-pass hand and glove dryer.
Replacement Filter and Housing

Cat. # Price
Replacement ULPA Filter
99.999% efficient@ 0.12 micron
10"W x 4"D x 2.5"H
(254 x 102 x 64mm)
3333-39 $ 212
Replacement Filter Housing
10.2"W x 4.2"D x 1.7"H
(259 x 107 x 43mm)
3333-40 $ 70
Hand Dryers or Germ Incubators?

We’re used to seeing standard hand dryers in a host of locations, from restaurants to research labs. Do they provide clean performance?

In most cases, no. In fact, they’re often more prolific sources of contamination, including microbial exposure, than paper towels. A June 24, 2014 Wall Street Journal article ("Paper or Power: Nothing Cut and Dried About Hand Washing in Restrooms") details the germ-laden issues common with most commercial hand-dryers.

The reason: non-filtered, high-capacity hand dryers concentrate contaminants inside motor, impeller and heating components. Potentially dirty room air is being draw into the dryer to blow directly on hands or gloves. Although heat may kill some germs, it is rarely hot enough, and exposure time is rarely long enough, to do the job effectively. In fact, the combination of heat and moisture inside the component housing often creates ideal conditions for incubation, turning standard hand dryers into germ factories.


Particles and aerosols often carry bacteria, mold spores, and other biological contaminants

Particulate or germicidal contaminants commonly exit the dryer in higher concentrations than they exist in ambient air. Worse, because hands or gloves are wet when they enter the airstream, contaminants may cling to surfaces, leaving them dirtier than they were before washing.

All things considered, a micro-filtered hand dryer is the only drying equipment that makes sense, particularly in a cleanroom, medical facility, or laboratory.

Terra’s Cleanroom Hand Dryers incorporate Ultra-Low Penetration Air (ULPA) filters rated 99.999% efficient at removing particles ≥ 0.12 microns in diameter. Effective micro-filtration, along with clean component selection and airflow engineering, makes these the ideal systems for cleanrooms from ISO 4 – 8.

Here is a list of the most common human pathogens that ULPA filters can capture and remove from circulation, including bacteria, mold spores and some viruses:

Pathogens: Bacteria Disease
Enterococcus facaelis Hospital acquired endocarditis
Escherichia coli Gastrointestinal infection
Bacillus anthracis Anthrax
Aspergillus brasiliensis Sinus infections
Clositridium dificile Hospital acquired gastrointestinal infection
Francisella tularensis Tularemia
Bordetella pertusis Whooping cough
Mycoplasma pneumaoniae Pneumonia
Chlamydia pneumoniae Bronchitis
Clamydia psittaci Psittacosis
Klebsiella pneumoniae Opportunistic infections
Haemophilus influenzae Meningitis
Coxiella burnetii Q fever
Pseudomonas aeruginosa Opportunistic infections
Actinomyces israelii Actinomycosis
Legionella pneumophila Legionaire's disease
Thermoactinomyces sacchari Farmer's lung
Alkaligenes Opportunistic infections
Yersinia pestis Pneumonic plague
Pseudmonas cepacia Non-respiratory airborne infection
Pseudomonas mallei Non-respiratory airborne infection
Enterobacter cloacae Non-respiratory airborne infection
Neisseria meningetidis Meningitis
Streptococcus pyogenes Scarlet fever
Mycobacterium kansasii Cavitary pulmonary
Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Tuberculosis
Streptococcus pneumoniae Otitis media
Staphylococcus aureus Opportunistic infections
Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) Opportunistic infections
Staphylococcus epidermitis Non-respiratory airborne infection
Corynebacteria diptheria Diptheria
Clostridium tetani Tetanus
Haemophilus parainfluenzae Opportunistic infections
Moraxella lacunta Opportunistic infections
Nocardia brasiliensis Pulmonary mycetoma
Nocardia caviae Nocardiosis

Pathogens: Fungi Disease
Phialaphora parasitica Allergic alveolitis
Torulopsis glabrata Torulopsosis
Pneumocystis carinii Pneumocystosis
Histoplasma capsilatum Histoplasmosis
Aspergillus flavus Aspergillosis
Aspergillus nidulans Aspergillosis
Aspergillus glaucus Aspergillosis
Coccidiodes immitis Coccidioidomycosis
Cryptococcyus neoformans Cryptococcosis
Paracoccidioides brasiliensis Paracoccidioidomycosis
Candida albicans Non-respiratory airborne infection
Blastomyces dermatiitidis Blastomycosis
Rhizopus stolonifer Zygmycosis
Sporothrix schenckii Spototrichosis
Mucor plumbeus Mucomycosis

Pathogens: Allergens Disease
Epicoccum nigrum Allergen
Rhodoturula glutinus Allergen
Stachybotris atra Allergic alveolitis
Penicillum notatum Allergic alveolitis
Penicillum expansum Allergic alveolitis
Wallemia sebi Allergic alveolitis
Ulocladium chartarum Allergic alveolitis
Ulocladium botrytis Allergic alveolitis
Trichoderma viride Allergic alveolitis
Rhizomucor pusillus Allergic alveolitis
Alternaria alternata Allergic alveolitis
Fusarium solani Allergic alveolitis
Helminthosporium Allergic alveolitis
Penicillium notatum Allergic alveolitis
Penicillium expansum Allergic alveolitis
Phialaphora mutabilis Allergic alveolitis
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Hand Cleaners — PureDry Cleanroom Hand/Glove Dryer
Brushless motor eliminates carbon contaminants for ultra-clean operation.

The PureDry Hand/Glove Dryers offer contamination control features for the most rigorous gowning protocols and critical cleanroom applications, at a price that's right almost anywhere.

The gowning area of a cleanroom is also subject to testing and monitoring for cleanliness, so what is the ideal design for your lab's hand drying equipment? A maintenance-free, germ-free recirculating hand dryer that never needs filter replacement.

Fast, Safe Drying Where Tiny Particles Create Big Problems
In a particle-sensitive environment, PureDry helps to eliminate contamination problems by reducing the number of airborne particles and germs that can settle on PC boards, chemical solutions, biological cultures, and other sensitive materials.

Unlike conventional drying towels, it ensures fast, thorough drying without contact with foreign media that can shed particles and harbor germs. A brushless motor eliminates carbon contaminants for ultra-clean operation. Its upstream heater warms the air stream before it passes through an ULPA filter and on to the drying area. This noncontaminating operation is especially crucial in cleanrooms and bio-cleanrooms that call for strict environmental controls. The PureDry also eliminates waste disposal and/or laundering costs associated with towel drying.

Select the germ-free recirculating air design to minimize turbulence that can adversely affect cleanroom air circulation and contain particles that may fall from hands or gloves. As the heated, filtered air stream passes downward, it is captured in a collection area (along with moisture and contaminants) and routed back through the heater/filter/blower module. This model thus has almost no impact on the cleanliness, moisture level, or air flow of the surrounding area. And outside air—a potential source of contaminants—is not drawn into the PureDry's filtered airstream. As such, the filter lasts the lifetime of the dryer.

The wall-mount, single-pass design offers the same ULPA filtration and advanced clean motor technology at lower cost. It also eliminates the chance of water droplets that fall from hands to be drawn into the make-up air flow, minimizing the risk of fouling the filter. Filter replacement is suggested every six months to maintain cleanliness.

On both units a photo cell allows hands-free operation, and the extended exposure area of the PureDry provides ample space to dry elbow-length gloves. The all-stainless steel housing is compatible with cleanroom requirements. Its space-efficient design and low cost make it ideal for many applications, from pharmaceutical laboratories to semiconductor manufacturing plants to hospitals.

Specifications No. 3333-33 No. 3333-00
Dimensions: 15"W x 11"D x 23"
(381 mm x 279 mm x 584 mm)
14"W x 12"D x 9.5"
(356 mm x 305 mm x 241 mm)
Shipping Weight: 32 lbs. (14.5 kg)
26 lbs. (11.8 kg)
dBA 85 79 (73 w/out hands in air stream)
Filter: ULPA filter rated 99.999% effective @ 0.12µm particles ULPA filter rated 99.999% effective @ 0.12µm particles
Heater: 1600W
Power: 115VAC/60Hz or 220VAC/50Hz

File Type File Name Publication Date
Manual (PDF) PureDry Hand/Glove Dryer: Doc. # 1800-54
This manual contains installation and operating instructions for Terra's PureDry Hand/Glove Dryer. It also includes information on maintenance, filter replacement, and troubleshooting.
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