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QRP, Inc.
Qualatrile® XC Nitrile Gloves

Nitrile glove
  • 100% acrylonitrile butadiene, a dermatologist-recommended latex-free formulation
  • 510(k) formulation, ISO 9002 certified, CFR 21 170-199 USDA compliant
  • Surpasses ASTM D6319-99 and ASTM F1671
  • Ambidextrous, textured work area with beaded cuff

These single-use white nitrile gloves are ideal for your most critical cleanroom environments. Their nitrile formulation is completely free of latex proteins that cause allergic reactions in many wearers. They are also clean—independent testing to IES standards verifies compatibility with cleanroom ratings as low as Class 100. They are also virtually free of most trace elements, with less than 0.1 µg / cm2 detectable F, Cl, Br, PO4, SO4, Na and K, and contain no plasticizers, silicone or powders.

Qualatrile® XC Nitrile Gloves
Size 12" (305 mm) Length 9" (229 mm) Length
(1,000 Gloves)
(1,000 Gloves)
Cat. #/Case Price Cat. #/Case Price
Class 100 S 1674-13 $ 151 1674-01 $ 129
M 1674-14 $ 174 1674-02 $ 148
L 1674-15 $ 174 1674-03 $ 148
XL 1674-16 $ 151 1674-04 $ 148
Cleanroom Packaged for Cleanroom Use!
Qualatrile XC Nitrile gloves are flat-packed for easy donning inside a multilevel interior packaging consisting of an inner heat-sealed bag, identified by lot number; a "bag-within-a-bag" strip-away package; a securely heat-sealed outer bag; and a polyethylene carton liner placed in a shipping carton with fully traceable lot number.

File Type File Name Publication Date
Brochure (PDF) QRP® 2015 Catalog
A guide containing information for the various glove products QRP® has to offer.
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