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Brute® Medical Waste Rollout Containers
by Rubbermaid

Brute Medical Waste Rollout Container
Hands-free receptacle compatible with all automated lift systems
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Ideal for use in hospitals, these durable waste rollout containers are compatible with all automated lift systems. Units are designed for easy mobility and transfer of general refuse and bulk waste collection.
  • Available in 65 gallon or 95 gallon models
  • Meets ANSI Z245.30-2008 for Types B and G Rollout Cart used with automated lifting equipment; NSF Standard #21 (for Thermoplastic Refuse containers intended for indoor and outdoor storage of refuse)
  • Steel catch bar and molded-in catch bar fits with all automated lift systems
  • Includes locking mechanism; attached hinged lids lock into place
  • Remains stable in high winds and uneven surfaces with slip resistant handle, foot-tilting details and balanced lifting points
  • Inset wheels for easy and safe mobility (won’t damage walls and doorways)
  • Features UV stabilizer for maximum life in outdoor settings
  • One-piece seamless construction for durability and easy cleaning
  • One-Year Manufacturer Warranty from date of purchase
Ordering Information
Part #
Description Dimensions Cat. # Price
FG9W1900RED BRUTE® Medical Waste Rollout Container, 65 gal. 25.3"w x 32.3"d x 41.8"h
(642.62 x 820.42 x 1061.72 mm)
1457-00 $ 272
FG9W2000RED BRUTE® Medical Waste Rollout Container, 95 gal. 27.3"w x 35.4"d x 45.6"h
(693.42 x 899.16 x 1168.24 mm)
1457-01 $ 299
Color: Red
Available replacement parts 10" Rollout wheel kit (2 wheels w/caps) (9W21-L1) and Axle Carriage (9W21-L2)
UPC/UCC Code: 65 gallon (FG9W1900) 086876168785/00086876168785
95 gallon (FG9W2000) 086876169041/00086876169041
Shipping Weight: 65 gallon (FG9W1900): 30.60 lbs. (13.88 kg)
95 gallon (FG9W2000): 44 lbs. (19.96 kg)
Rubbermaid Part # Description Cat. # Price
9W21-L1 10" Rollout wheel kit (2 wheels w/ caps) 1457-02 $ 23
9W21-L2 Axle Carriage 1457-03 $ 10
Features of Brute® Medical Waste Rollout Containers
Rubbermaid designed Brute® Medical Waste Rollout Containers to withstand the repeated manipulation of automated lifting equipment. These tough containers will also stand up to harsh outdoor weather conditions with the added UV stabilizer. The easy mobility provided by the inset wheels helps prevent damage to walls and doorways and the one-piece seamless construction make the containers easy to clean. Units are certified by the National Sanitation Foundation for meeting their criteria for cleanability and sanitation for Standard 21: Thermoplastic Refuse Containers. Added safety features include a locking mechanism to secure waste products during transport.
front lock with key   front lock
65 and 95 gallon models available with front hinged lock and key   Units close and lock securely for easy transport without spillage
lock plate   lock plate
Interior lock plate adds extra measure of protection when transferring container.

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