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Motorized Shoe Cleaner

Motorized Shoe cleaner
Shown with 99.99% efficient HEPA filter kit   Shoe cleaner filter
  • Internal vacuum system removes contaminating particles
  • Five internal brushes clean deep into seams, welts
  • Waist-high handle allows convenient on/off operation
  • Controls allow adjustable rotational speeds
  • Model without internal vacuum system available for connection to in-house vacuum facility

This rugged, easy-to-operate automated shoe cleaner employs a time-proven design that ensures fast, effective shoe cleaning in cleanrooms, changing rooms, and other environmentally controlled areas.

Internal Vacuum System, Multiple Brushes Ensure Fast, Effective Cleaning
It is available with its own internal vacuum system and disposable paper bags for collection and removal of contaminants; no cumbersome vacuum cleaner or other external accessories are required. Simply plug it into any standard 110V outlet and installation is complete. An internal control allows an industrial engineer or supervisor to easily adjust the rotational speed of the brushes to suit any type of footwear. Operation is controlled by a simple press of the handle.

The Motorized Shoe Cleaner has five internal brushes for thorough cleaning of all shoe surfaces. The flexible nylon upper brush and two pairs of tough fiber rotational side brushes are arranged to reach deep into the seams, welts, and cracks, and to clean every part of the shoe—the sole, upper, behind the heel, and the sole/heel junction.

Clean, Rugged Construction
The housing of the shoe cleaner is made of thermo-formed plastic that resists dents and will not shed particles. The on/off handle is chrome plated. The motor and other particle-generating components are sealed inside the unit to ensure optimal cleanliness. HEPA filter included, providing advanced filtration and a much quiter operation

Motorized Shoe Cleaner
Comes with one dust bag installed and two spares: one-year warranty. Shoe cleaner is not designed for outdoor or heavy industrial use in the presence of mud or water. Such exposure invalidates the one-year warranty.

Dimensions: 18"W x 27"D x 10.5"H
(457 mm x 686 mm x 267 mm)
(main unit)/40"H (handle)
Weight: 47 lbs. (21.3 kg)
Shipping Weight: 58 lbs. (26 kg)
Power Requirement: 110VAC, 60Hz; operates at 12 amps
Electrical Connection: 3-wire power cord with parallel blade and U-ground plug
Vacuum Exhaust: 90 CFM (152.9 m³/hr), 1.5" I.D. x 1.75" O.D. (38 mm x 44 mm)
Number of Brushes: 5
Speed Control: 0-1000 RPM
Brush Drive: 16" (406 mm)
Brushes: 8" (203 mm) dia (for better cleaning action)
Motorized Shoe Cleaner
Cat. # Price
With internal vacuum system and HEPA filter 110VAC/60Hz 1784-14 $ 3,082
220VAC/50-60Hz 1784-14-220 $ 3,450
Without internal vacuum system
(connects to inhouse vacuum facility)
110VAC/60Hz 1784-10 $ 3,594
220VAC/50-60Hz 1784-10-220 $ 3,542

HEPA Filter Attachment

Shoe Cleaners — HEPA Filter Attachment   Shoe Cleaners — HEPA Filter Attachment  
HEPA Filter Attachment
(iIncludes filter)
Cat. # Price
1784-17 $ 498

Replacement Parts
(Note: brushes require replacement about once every 6 months.)
Replacement Parts

Cat. # Price
Stationary Nylon Brush
Cleans shoe uppers (one required)
1784-03 $ 58
Upper Rotary Fiber Brush
Clean sides of shoes (pair required)
1784-06 $ 195
Lower Rotary Fiber Brush
Clean soles of shoes (pair required)
1784-07 $ 170
Vacuum Filter (3µm) 1784-02 $ 18
Replacment V-Belts (2) 1784-18 $ 24
Dust Bags (one dozen/pack)
(weekly replacement recommended)
1784-01A $ 33
Replacement HEPA Filter 1784-13 $ 66
Vacuum Motor 1784-16 $ 114
  shoe cleaner brushes
Upper soft fiber brushes clean sides of shoe;
lower stiff brushes clean shoe sole.

File Type File Name Publication Date
Tech Resource (PDF) Ultra-Clean Motorized Shoe Cleaner Model 1600
A guiding resource to help maintain the motorized shoe cleaner in exceptional condition.
Manual (PDF) Ultra-Clean Motorized Shoe Cleaner
Assembly and operating instructions for shoe cleaner 1600-VA and 1600-SA models.
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