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Cleanline® Sticky Roller and Frames

Shoe Cleaners Cleanline Sticky Roller

Cleanline® Sticky Roller

  • Cleans particles from cleanroom walls and other surfaces
  • Select peel-off adhesive sheets made of polyethylene film (for smooth surfaces) or polyethylene film/foam laminate (for textured surfaces)
  • Handle extensions allow a "reach" of up to 6 feet (1829 mm)

This sticky roller provides the best possible means of removing even the smallest particles of contamination from flat surfaces such as walls, ceilings, floors, and table tops.

Durable, Noncontaminating Construction
It consists of a reusable roller handle, a roller handle extension, and a disposable roller refill containing the adhesive sheets that capture contaminants. The handle and roller handle extension are made entirely of noncontaminating stainless steel and plastic. Roller handle extensions, which simply screw into the roller handle, extend the roller from 3 to 6 feet (914 mm to 1829 m).

The disposable roller refills are available in 12-inch and 18-inch (305 mm and 457 mm) widths, with a 3-inch (76 mm) I.D. noncontaminating polyethylene core. This large-diameter core provides a generous cleaning area, resulting in less frequent sheet disposal. Select between two types of single-faced adhesive refills: either 3 mil. clear polyethylene film (for smooth surfaces) or a polyethylene film/foam laminate (for slightly uneven surfaces). Sheets of both types are perforated at circumferential distances; the film-type refill has an uncoated edge. When a sheet becomes contaminated, you simply peel it off to expose a clean one. When the refill is used up, you slide it off the handle and replace it with a new one.

Sticky Rollers: Handles and Extensions
Description Construction Shipping Weight
lbs. (g)
Controlled Environment
Part #
Cat. # Price
Handle Stainless Steel/Plastic 4
CSR-0300-H 5603-34 $ 36
Extension: 3' to 6'
(914 mm to 1829 mm)
Aluminum/Plastic 4
CSR-0306-E 5603-35 $ 17
Sticky Rollers: Roller Refills (4 Refills/Case)
Material Width Length Controlled Environment Part # Cat. # $/Case
Foam 18"
(457 mm)
20 sheets CSR-3018-F 5603-37 $ 94
Foam 12"
(305 mm)
20 sheets CSR-3012-F 5603-38 $ 76
Poly Film 18"
(457 mm)
60 sheets CSR-3018-P 5603-39 $ 82
Poly Film 12"
(305 mm)
60 sheets CSR-3012-P 5603-40 $ 63
Cleaning Surface  
Film-Type Roller Refill: 840 linear inches
60 sheets of 14-inch (356 mm) length
Foam-Type Roller Refill: 320 linear inches
20 sheets of 16-inch (406 mm) length
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