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Stocking, Kitting and Dispensing Cabinets
For Medical Devices and Other Components

20-compartment cabinet shown with SDPVC hinged lids  (Cat. #4105-21) and optional stand.

These heavy-duty storage bins are designed to organize and protect supplies, components and finished products.  Ideal for medical device manufacturing and laboratories, the open-faced bins provide convenient access to materials during processing, while the 3” lip prevents loose items from rolling out and falling to the floor. Hinged lids protect contents; gravity keeps lids closed until lifted.
  • Each cabinet is 5 bins wide by 4 bins tall (multiple cabinets can be stacked to expand capacity)
  • Bins are 10” wide by 10” tall (3” lip restricts height of opening to 7”)
  • 24”-deep bins offer ample room for long objects or large quantities
  • Constructed entirely of 304 stainless steel for durability, cleanliness, and corrosion-resistance
  • Rolling cabinet stand constructed of powder-
    coated steel (stainless steel finish available). Cat. No. 4105-22 shown.
    Rounded, smooth edges prevent snagging of sleeves or gloves when reaching into bins
  • Body of cabinet can be electrically grounded for storing microelectronics or other static-sensitive components
  • Label-holders help with parts identification
  • Lifting Lids (made of static-dissipative PVC) give extra protection and reduce particle build-up inside the cabinet 
  • Order optional floor-stand with casters for mobility; raises the cabinet by 29.5”. Stands with leveling feel also available
  • Contact a Terra representative for custom sizes and configurations
Stocking, Kitting, and Dispensing Cabinets
Description Dimensions
(W x D x H)
Cat. # Price
Cabinet, with SDPVC Lifting Lids 50” x 24” x 41” 4105-21 $ 3,562
Stand with Heavy-Duty Casters 50” x 24” x 29.5” 4105-22 $ 836
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