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Vidaro Laboratory & Cleanroom Garment Accessories
Shoe Covers and Head Covers

Vidaro shoe and head covers

Polyester Taffeta Cleanroom Shoe Cover with Soft Tan Sole

  • Elastic in hem at ankle
  • Rear snap adjustment
  • Color coded ribbon at heel
  • Rugged skid-resistant sole material
  • Cleanroom compatible
  • Excellent resistance to abrasion
  • Autoclavable

Shoe covers are cleanroom compatible and come in light blue and white. The soft tan sole is composed of a sturdy polyester substrate with a hypalon coating.

Vidaro Polyester Taffeta

A 3.0 oz/yd2 (0.10 kg/m2), 150 Denier, limited-linting 100% polyester fabric which has been the industry standard for many years. Taffeta garments are comfortable, long wearing and modestly priced.

Shoe Cover
$150 minimum order required.
To determine size, measure your street shoes in inches from heel to toe.
Size Color Cat. # Price
S (6-1/2 to 8) White 4953-57A $ 12
Light Blue 4953-61A $ 12
M (8 to 9-1/2) White 4953-58A $ 12
Light Blue 4953-62A $ 12
L (9-1/2 to 11) White 4953-59A $ 12
Light Blue 4953-63A $ 12
XL (11-13) White 4953-60A $ 12
Light Blue 4953-64A $ 12

Cleanroom Snood Caps

  • Available in polyester taffeta and grid fabric
  • Bouffant "shower-style" cap
  • Full elastic enclosure

It’s one size fits all with these bouffant cleanroom snood caps from Vidaro. Available in white and light blue. (polyester taffeta is described above under shoe covers.)

Vidaro Grid Fabric

Vidaro Grid super-dense weave of 100% microdenier polyester fibers, meets the highest standard of particulate control. A microengineered carbon fiber grid dissipates electrostatic charges and minimizes manufacturing defects in cleanroom garments.

Vidaro Grid is 99% polyester/1% carbon.

$150 minimum order required.
One size fits all.
Fabric Color Cat. # Price
Grid White 4953-83A $ 6
Light Blue 4953-84A $ 6
Polyester Taffeta White 4953-85A $ 5
Light Blue 4953-86A $ 6
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