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Cleanroom Wire Shelves –
Super Adjustable™

Cleanroom Wire Shelves

From InterMetro
Super Adjustable™ Wire Shelves

  • Easy-adjust corner release system saves time and space
  • Lets you raise and lower any shelf without tools and without disturbing other shelves
  • Optimizes your storage area in seconds!
site select post for super adjustable shelves

This revolutionary adjustable system means you'll never have to make do with anything less than the optimal storage solution!

Just lift the release on each corner, and adjust your shelf at precise 1" (25 mm) increments, and clamp the release lever shut. In seconds, you can optimize your storage system to changing load requirements, with no tools, no wasted time, and no wasted space.

SiteSelect™ Posts Make It Easy!
SiteSelect™ posts are grooved every inch and numbered every 2" (51 mm) to simplify shelf positioning. Double-groove indicators every 8" (203 mm) provide a convenient visual height reference.

clean room shelving options

From InterMetro
Cleanroom Shelving and Accessories

  • Many designs and materials, including chrome plated and electropolished stainless steel wire shelves
  • Select dividers, ledges, undershelf slides and other optional features
  • Specialized storage solutions include reticle shelves, component reel shelving, and security trucks
  • Complete details


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