Terra Part # 6600-56
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Terra Part # 6600-56
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Custom-configured product: Terra will quote.
  • Fully integrated cleanroom engineering design, architecture, construction, and system integration
  • Turnkey UL-listed cleanroom system streamlines building permitting and optimizes installation and certification
  • Customized, stick built offers ultimate design flexibility and be can retrofitted into existing spaces or set up into new facilities
  • Solutions are not limited by overhead clearance, size, shape, or pathways within the site
  • Time to completion is faster with a hybrid stick built by utilizing prefabricated cleanroom parts
  • Terra offers a wide variety of wall panels and finishes for different cleanroom classifications, applications and cleaning protocols, including epoxy-coated dry wall, FRP and uPVC
  • Flexible and scalable cleanroom design accommodates utility connections, such as compressed gas, vacuum, plumbing, phone and Ethernet lines
  • uPVC wall system option will not absorb moisture or humidity and is easily cleanable.  Seamless transition options between ceiling, walls, and floors
  • Ceiling grid options support ducting and maintenance access, equipment penetrations, wide variety of mechanical systems, and more
  • Compliant with Grade B, C, D, cGMP / EU build outs
  • Stick Built / Hybrid Applications: requirements for pharmaceutical and biotechnology cleanroom facilities are strict.  Solutions must support demanding cleaning protocols, sanitizing, and decontamination needs
  • Cost of ownership beyond completion is substantially less, reduced maintenance reduces operational downtime, seamless designs minimizes contamination
  • Turnkey UL-listed cleanroom system streamlines building permitting and optimizes installation and certification
  • Cleanroom components, including filter fan units, lights, power distribution modules, control panels, doors, windows, and pass through chambers stocked and ready for immediate shipment
  • Get a free consultation with a Terra product specialist via email, chat, or call us at 714-578-6100

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Manuals & Resources

Stick-Built Cleanrooms

  • USP <797> Stick-Built Cleanroom USP <797> Stick-Built Cleanroom
  • Stick-Built Cleanroom for Pharmacy Compounding Stick-Built Cleanroom for Pharmacy Compounding
  • Fully Integrated Cleanroom Design Fully Integrated Cleanroom Design
  • Custom CleanSeam Stainless Steel Pass-through Chambers Custom CleanSeam™ Stainless Steel Pass-Through Chambers

Features and Benefits

Certification Tips

Tips for Passing ISO, cGMP, FDA and Other Certifications

Know your ISO requirement
Modular Cleanroom Clean Zones A Terra product specialist can offer general design advice or make a consultation referral. Regulated industries such as pharmaceutical compounding maintain clear requirements for ISO cleanliness and related cleanroom characteristics. Other operations may require a certification consultant to specify these design requirements based on specific operations being performed.

Either way, make sure you know the applicable performance requirements before you select a room design or cleanliness level.
FFU Ceiling Coverage and Air Change Rate
Modular Cleanroom Ceiling Grid ISO specifies permissible particle counts for each cleanliness level but not how many fan/filter units are required to meet these target values. Other organizations, including the Institute for Environmental Science, provide recommended ranges for FFU ceiling coverage.
Terra recommends the high value within each range, which in most cases accommodates typical contamination loads presented by personnel and equipment. Modular Power Distribution Modules make it easy to add as requirements change – plug-and-play connections eliminate the need for hard-wiring by an electrician.
Cleanroom Design and Materials
USP 800 BioSafe Cleanroom, Custom Floor Plan A Terra Product Specialist will advise on the proper panel and other component materials to meet specific requirements for ISO compatibility, sterilization, chemical resistance, static safety, and other environmental concerns.
Environmental Control and Documentation
Hardwall Cleanroom Environmental Control System Adjustable exhaust vents and manual FFU speed controls on all Terra cleanrooms allow regulation of air change rates. For centralized display and control, select low-cost automated FFU speed controls, which also allow remote Building Management System (BMS) fan control and even dynamic fan adjustment in response to programmed pressure levels. Air pressure, temperature, and humidity data are logged for a traceable operating history.

Modular cleanrooms are available with stand-alone air conditioning modules or can be integrated with existing A/C systems. Humidification and De-humidification systems meet specific RH requirements.

Turnkey Solution

Speak with a Terra product specialist to facilitate a design that meets your needs, including hoods, biosafety cabinets, carts, furniture, seating and storage solutions

Electrical, Plumbing and HVAC Services

Terra's services including HVAC, plumbing, electrical and gas line conections

Reduced Construction Risk

Cleanrooms are built quickly and efficiently to minimize disruption of daily operations

Scalable Systems

Hybrid stick-built cleanrooms accomodate changes to regulation, procedures, equipment and company growth

Vertically-Integrated Services

Terra offers fully integrated cleanroom engineering design, architecture, construction and system integration

Fully Integrated Cleanroom Design

Terra's design offers ultimate flexibility: new facility build-outs or retrofits of existing spaces

Durable Cleanroom Walls

FRP and uPVC panels, unlike gypsum board, resist moisture and humidity, preventing mold and bacterial growth. Panel formulations withstand rigorous daily cleaning.

Medical Device Packaging Cleanroom

Brick-and-mortar, ISO 7 cleanroom for high-throughput packaging of medical devices

Stick-Built Cleanroom for Electronics Assembly

Stick-Built, ISO 6 cleanroom for electronics assembly installed in San Diego, California
Popular Accessories
For a full list of accessories, select a product then click Choose Accessories on that product page.
  • Hygienic Hinged FRP Fire-Rated Cleanroom Doors by Dortek

  • Hermetic Sealing Sliding Doors by Dortek

  • BioSafe Windows

    Double-pane, frameless windows mount flush with no external hardware, for smooth easy to clean surface.
  • Germicidal UV Lamp Sanitizes Labs, Cleanrooms

    UV-C Germicidal Lamp installs on a cleanroom ceiling grid for line-of-sight room disinfection; safety occupancy sensor prevents personnel exposure.
  • Modular Cleanroom Ceiling Grid

    Add Terra's modular ceiling grid to an existing room to support lights and HEPA fan/filter units that meet ISO 5-8 requirements for cleanliness
  • Adjustable Cleanroom LED Light Panels for Perfect Light Balance

    Cleanroom LED panels are available with dimmable brightness and adjustable color temperature to achieve the perfect balance of light. LED panels have a longer service life, are more energy efficient, and emit less heat than conventional fluorescent lights.
  • BioSafe® Smart® Control Panel with 7” Tier 3 Console

    Terra’s Tier 3 cleanroom control panel intelligently monitors and controls clean room and facility environments. Monitor differential pressure, temperature, and/or RH. The Tier 3 console supports cleanroom monitoring for up to 12 rooms and control of up to 120 FFUs. The plug-and-play design is field configurable to match your facility layout and needs.
  • Cleanroom Control Panel for Tier 1 Graphic-Console 2.4” Screen

    Cleanroom control panel with Tier 1 system monitors and controls up to 50 FFUs in 5 rooms. It includes six inputs for pressure/RH/temperature sensors, FFU performance alarm, remote data logging, and email alarm notification.
  • Fan Filter Units for Builders

    HEPA or ULPA Fan/Filter Units (FFUs) provide a uniform face velocity for laminar flow; lines include room side-replaceable, low-energy, explosion-proof, reverse-flow, heated, ionizing, more!

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