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Fire-Rated Smart Pass-Through

First-of-its-kind chambers feature electronic interlocks that expand application versatility to allow access alerts and control features, data logging and more.

These flush-mount chambers carry the UL-10B label for 90-minute fire exposure (suitable for 2-hour wall rating). All models include a 10" x 10" (254 x 254mm) viewing window for convenient monitoring of pass-through contents. These standard features are also built into all models
  • Double-wall, flush-mount stainless steel construction with electronic interlock isolated outside the transfer chamber
  • 120 or 220VAC power integration of all included options, via power control unit mounted external to transfer chamber for easy cleaning
  • Door Status Alerts: Indicator light issues a solid glow when doors are closed (ready for operation) or flashes when either door is open (interlock active)
  • Door Ajar Alert: Indicator light flashes at increased frequency when either door remains open longer than 30 seconds (delay time adjustable)
  • Plug-In Chimes: receive wireless signals for remote audible door alerts up to 200 feet from chamber (2 units included)

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    Fire Rated Pass Through
    Shown: No. 2635-10B-2-FR  
    Includes electronmagnetic interlock and continuous-seam, coved interior for easy cleaning.


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