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Recessed LED Light
For use with Smart Pass-Through™ Chamber

The recessed LED light module is mounted in the ceiling of the Smart Pass-through and covered by a static-dissipative PVC lens for easy cleaning. Activated when either Smart Pass-Through chamber door opens, it allows easy viewing of chamber contents in dimly lit facilities.

LED light bulbs reduce energy requirements, last longer than standard bulbs, and produce less heat. The housing of the light fixture is accessible through an external service panel that allows convenient replacement from the "dirty" side without breaching the chamber or cleanroom.

Compatibility with Other Smart Accessories: The Recessed LED Light can be combined with any other Smart Pass-through Accessories (some customization may be required).

Installation Note: Equipping a standard Smart Pass-through with a Recessed LED Light will increase the height of the pass-through by approximately 2.5".  This will have an impact on the size of the wall cut-out needed for installation. Terra recommends carefully measuring the pass-through to verify the final dimensions before making the wall cut-out.

Requires selection of Terra's Smart Pass-Through chamber.

Cat. # Price
2635-99 $ 600
smart pass-through
Recessed LED light installed in the ceiling of a Smart Pass-Through. (No. 2635-99)
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