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Recessed LED Light
For use with Smart Pass-Through™ Chamber

This low-energy, cool LED illuminator module is recessed for easy cleaning. Activated when either Smart Pass-Through chamber door opens, it allows easy viewing of chamber contents in dimly lit facilities. The flush-mount glass lens provides a smooth surface with tight, static-dissipative PVC seam to minimize the chance of germ or static accumulation; caulking can be added to meet aseptic requirements.

LED light bulbs reduce energy requirements and last longer than standard bulbs. They are also known to produce less heat. The ceiling-mounted light module is housed in a recessed compartment, accessible through an external service panel that allow convenient replacement from the "dirty" side without breaching the chamber or cleanroom.

Requires selection of Terra's Smart Pass-Through chamber.

Cat. # Price
2635-99 $ 550
smart pass-through
Recessed LED light (No. 2635-99) installed in Smart Pass-Through.
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