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Pass-Through Chambers with BioSafe®
EZ-Out Removable Racks and Shelves

Shown:No. 2638-90 CleanMount Cleanseam with BioSafe
EZ-out Rack and Shelf

  • Allows space-efficient transfer of small parts loaded on your choice of slide-out shelves
  • Includes dual BioSafe stainless steel racks, easily removed for cleaning or sterilizing and reversible to allow slide-out motion in either direction
  • Incorporated into CleanSeam+™, BioSafe and Smart Pass-Through™ chambers below

  • All standard chambers below without electrical add-on components.
Removable BioSafe Rack: designed for
easy removal and cleaning or autoclaving
Removable stainless steel sliding shelf
(No. 2639-00) on full-extension runners
provides access to every inch of contents
Removable stainless steel shelf
(No. 2639-01) slides out for easy cleaning;
shelf stop prevents accidental tipping
These cleanroom pass-throughs are optimized for use with versatile, removable stainless steel shelves that provide space-efficient access to every square inch of materials transferred into a cleanroom.

The 304 stainless steel chamber stands up to sterilizing agents, making these pass-throughs ideal for bio/pharmaceutical and other aseptic processing. Interlocks, rated for millions of operations, are isolated inside a separate compartment, leaving internal surfaces easy to clean and sterilize. The versatile stainless steel BioSafe rack can be removed in seconds for easy cleaning and sterilizing, even autoclaving. Racks include a rear stop to limit shelf motion to one direction, which can be easily reversed.

Nominal Dimensions: 30"W x 20"D x 18.5"H (outside); 24.5"W x 19.8"D x 17"H (inside); 17"D x 12"H x 1.5" stand-off (racks). Racks have a six-shelf capacity.

Ordering Information
Pass-Throughs with Removable BioSafe Racks
(order shelves separately)
Pass-Through Style Cat. # Price
CleanMount CleanSeam Pass-Through 2638-90 $ 10,299
CleanMount BioSafe Pass-Through 2638-92 $ 14,973
Smart Pass-Through 2638-93 $ 11,072
CleanMount Smart BioSafe Pass-Through 2638-94 $ 16,203
(Fit on all chambers listed at left)
Style Usable Dimensions Cat. # Price
Removable Shelf on Full-Extension Runner 21" W x 15" D 2639-00 $ 199
Removable Shelf 21" W x 17" D 2639-01 $ 19

BioSafe Stainless Steel Trays

Made of 304 stainless steel, these trays can be loaded on either of the removable shelves above to support small parts. Dimensions (nominal): 21.3”W x 15”D

  Cat. # Price
Perforated Tray 1977-02 $ 179
Nonperforated Tray 1977-05 $ 179


Ultra-clean stainless steel trays,
with or without perforations.

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