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CleanSeam™ Stainless Steel
Pass-Through Chambers

Smooth, ultra-clean surfaces eliminate germ traps, simplify cleaning and disinfection (No. 2636-06D).

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  • Continuous-seam interiors eliminate cracks and crevices for easy cleaning and sterilization
  • 304 stainless steel stands up to common disinfectants (316L SS available)
  • One-piece, heat-formed gaskets will not creep, deform, or outgas like adhesive “weather-stripping”-style gaskets
  • Ergonomic LiftLatches eliminate rotary strain on hinges
  • Automatic interlock eliminates cross contamination by preventing both doors from being open simultaneously
Features Key

A Continuous seams create smooth, easy-clean interiors
B Lifting latches eliminate hinge strain for long service life
  Reliable automatic mechanical interlock prevents cross contamination
C Wall-mount and floor-mount designs available in many sizes
D One-piece, heat-formed gaskets will not creep, deform or outgas
E Static-dissipative PVC windows
  Options include HEPA air showers, CleanTops, UV sterilization, foot-operated doors
Terra customizes to meet special requirements for pass-through sizes,
materials and configurations. Call to discuss your application.

CleanSeam™ Pass-Through

An easy-clean enclosure designed for versatile configurations.
CleanSeam chambers eliminate hard-to-clean cracks and crevices that can harbor germs and other contaminants. Continuous-seam welds are ground smooth for easy cleaning and disinfection.
BioSafe PassThrough

  FEATURES & BENEFITS | CleanSeam Pass-Through
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Reinforced Doors
Stainless steel reinforcing frame lends rigidity, improves seal, extends service life of doors.
Automatic Mechanical Interlock
Rated for millions of operations, this rugged, all-stainless steel device prevents cross-contamination.
The ergonomic design eliminattes strain on wrists and door hinges.

Glass Panel Mounts
Unique mounting system allows installation of chambers up to 24”W x 24”D x 24”H on tempered glass modular cleanroom panels.

Removable Floor-Mount Ramp
Angled slope on front and both sides eliminates hard bumps as you roll carts into the chamber. Removable for easy cleaning.

One-Piece Elastomer  Gasket
Increased structural rigidity, providing extended service life and improved sealing performance.

Pass-Through Ordering Information Pass-Through Options
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  Overstock Special! 24"W x 24"D x36"H Stainless Steel CleanSeam Pass-Through with counterweighted slide-up doors
Cat. # Price
2636-09A $ 4,098
Don't risk operational delays or cleanroom shutdown because of a damaged door! Terra's pass-through chambers last indefinitely, much longer than our standard product revision cycle. Pass-Through doors, however, are subject to damage, and ordering a legacy replacement can be costly and disrupt cleanroom operation. To avoid these problems, order replacements at the time you purchase the pass-through chamber; simply add "-RH" (for right-side hinge) or "-LH" (for left-side hinge) to the part number of the chamber.
CleanSeam™ 304 Stainless Steel Pass-Throughs - click prices below to add to cart
W" x D" x H" (mm)
Add .5" (13 mm)
to W x H for cut-out
304 SS
(windows are SDPVC)
Cat. # Price

Wall (1)

12 x 12 x 12
(305 x 305 x 305)
2636-01D-2 $ 4,125
12 x 12 x 24
(305 x 305 x 610)
2636-02D-2 $ 4,499
18 x 18 x 16
(457 x 457 x 406)
2636-03D-2 $ 4,970
18 x 18 x 18
(457 x 457 x 457)
2636-18D-2 $ 5,169
18 x 18 x 24
(457 x 457 x 610)
2636-04D-2 $ 5,268
24 x 24 x 16
(610 x 610 x 406)
2636-05D-2 $ 5,748
24 x 24 x 24
(610 x 610 x 610)
2636-06D-2 $ 6,298
24 x 36 x 24
(610 x 914 x 610)
2636-07D-2 $ 6,576
36 x 36 x 24
(914 x 914 x 610)
2636-08D-2 $ 7,017
24 x 24 x 36
(610 x 610 x 914)
2636-09D-2 $ 6,576
24 x 24 x 48
(610 x 610 x 1219)
2636-16D-2 $ 7,110
30 x 30 x 30
(762 x 762 x 762)
2636-19D-2 $ 6,995
36 x 36 x 36
(914 x 914 x 914)
2636-10D-2 $ 8,901
36 x 36 x 48
(914 x 914 x 1219)
2636-11D-2 $ 9,680
Floor (1) 24 x 24 x 36
(610 x 610 x 914)
2636-12D-2 $ 7,819
36 x 36 x 36
(914 x 914 x 914)
2636-13D-2 $ 10,201
36 x 36 x 48
(914 x 914 x 1219)
2636-14D-2 $ 11,007
32 x 48 x 42
(813 x 1219 x 1067)
2636-15D-2 $ 17,010

(1) Mounting brackets, included, are made of stainless steel. All brackets require 0.25" (6 mm) clearance between wall cut-out and pass-through. Standard mounting is 2" (51 mm) from the front of the cleanroom side (specify other desired location). One set is welded on the cleanroom side. Floor Mount models include low-profile access ramps for easy transport of carts (subtract 1" (25 mm) from internal vertical clearance to compensate for ramps).

Access Clearances


Access Clearances
Width = W (nominal) – 1.88"
Depth = D (nominal)* – 0.12"
Height = H (nominal) – 1.25"

Wall Cut-Out = W (nominal) + 2" x H (nominal) + 1.5"

Standard Door Configuration
Need Terra to do your installation?
Call to discuss your facility and schedule.

Pass-Through Options (click for complete details)

Ventilation System
Ideal for removing solvents, powders, and other environmental hazards. Price includes installation on specified Pass-Through.
6" (152 mm)-dia Flange
Connects to in-house ventilation system
  Inlet ULPA Filter
Remove particles from make-up air.
Cat. # Price
6705-23 $ 323
Cat. # Price
6705-24 $ 339
  Grounding Terminals
Recommended on stainless steel and dissipative chambers to prevent electro-static discharge. Price includes installation.
Cat. # Price
1686-12 $ 92
Support Bracket
Pair recommended to support added weight of chambers 36"D (914 mm).
Cat. # Price
1993-60C $ 352

pass-throughs pass-throughs
Terra CleanSeam Pass-Throughs mounted for easy transfer of drugs in and out of pharmacy compounding room. Adjacent pharmacy pass-through refrigerators accommodate temperature-sensitive compounds. (Photo courtesy of Mount Nittany Pharmacy, State College PA.)

File Type File Name Publication Date
Video CleanSeam+ Pass-Through
This video outlines the design features and benefits of CleanSeam+ pass-through chambers. Watch the brief, non-time-lapse installation of a chamber and learn about the non-isolated automated door interlock.
Video Cleanroom Pass-Through Features and Selection Guide
Video introduction of pass-through designs, construction and accessories for Terra's family of cleanroom pass-through chambers. Discover how these chambers increase efficiency and reduce contamination with between-room transfer of samples and supplies.
Video Cleanroom Pass-Through Operational Benefits
Learn about the twelve ways Terra cleanroom pass-through chambers can help overcome your operational challenges such as maintaining cleanliness, reducing cost, and transferring over-sized items into the controlled environment.
Tech Resource (DOC) Cleanroom Pass-Through Chambers: Specifications
Features, designs and performance specifications useful for architects and general contractors.
Manual (PDF) Cleanroom Pass-Through Chambers: Doc. # 1800-07
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