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Pass-Through Chambers with Removable BioSafe® Racks and Shelves

  • Allows space-efficient transfer of small parts loaded on your choice of slide-out shelves
  • Includes dual BioSafe stainless steel racks, easily removed for cleaning or sterilizing and reversible to allow slide-out motion in either direction
  • Select among several pass-through styles, each with isolated automatic door interlock and smooth, easy-clean internal surfaces

  • All standard chambers below without electrical add-on components.
Removable BioSafe Rack: designed for
easy removal and cleaning or autoclaving
Removable stainless steel sliding shelf
(No. 2639-00) on full-extension runners
provides access to every inch of contents
Removable stainless steel shelf
(No. 2639-01) slides out for easy cleaning; shelf stop prevents accidental tipping
These cleanroom pass-throughs are optimized for use with versatile, removable stainless steel shelves that provide space-efficient access to every square inch of materials transferred into a cleanroom.

The 304 stainless steel chamber stands up to sterilizing agents, making these pass-throughs ideal for bio/pharmaceutical and other aseptic processing. Automatic door interlocks, rated for millions of operations, are isolated inside a separate compartment, leaving internal surfaces easy to clean and sterilize. When lifting the latch to open a door, interlocks automatically engage; no need for additional hands-on manual operation.

The versatile stainless steel BioSafe rack can be removed in seconds for easy cleaning and sterilizing, even autoclaving. Racks include a rear stop to limit shelf motion to one direction, which can be easily reversed.

For optimal clealiness, select flush-mount models, which fit tightly against the cleanroom wall to simplify cleaning and feature a unique mounting system that allows installation in less than five minutes.

Nominal Dimensions

Outside: 30”W x 20”D x 18.5”H
Inside: 24.5”W x 19.8”D x 17”H
Rack: 17”D x 12”H x 1.5”
stand-off (6 shelf capacity)
CleanSeam+ Pass-Through with BioSafe Racks (PVC Doors) Removable Shelf on Full-Extension Runner Usable space: 21"W x 15"D Removable Shelf Usable space:
21"W x 17"D
Cat. # Price Cat. # Price Cat. # Price
2638-90 $ 10,299 2639-00 $ 199 2639-01 $ 19
"Dirty”-side  outside panel provides access to
interlock chamber.

BioSafe Stainless Steel Trays

Made of 304 stainless steel, these trays can be loaded on either of the removable shelves above to support small parts. Dimensions (nominal): 21.3”W x 15”D

  Cat. # Price
Perforated Tray 1977-02 $ 179
Nonperforated Tray 1977-05 $ 179
Removable BioSafe Rack: designed for easy removal and cleaning or autoclaving

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